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  • I missed you too

    I missed you too

    It was the best she ever looked. She was determined to fix everything today. Her flowing hair shining like gold fluttered through the breeze. Once again she looked at her cellphone mirror. “Perfect. He would love to see me.” She said to herself. It was a bright day, full of sunshine. As she walked by […]

  • My Idea of a Peaceful Dream Vacation

    My Idea of a Peaceful Dream Vacation

    Two things which are very famous in Ooty are homemade chocolates and tea factory. The tea factory manufactures so many varieties of tea including chocolate flavored tea. One can buy a ticket to even visit the factory and witness the whole production process. At various points, they offer you sample tea of different flavors which is a delight to taste. I will not be able to leave that place without buying at least a few kilos of tea powder.

  • “New IIM” vs “Old” Private B-School

    “New IIM” vs “Old” Private B-School

    There has been a history of highly inflated and misrepresented placement figures by many private non-IIM B-schools. Though, in case of an IIM, you can try filing RTI to get true information.

  • Togetherness without being together

    Togetherness without being together

    We have fun loving people all around us, but very few of them love people more than fun, and that makes all the difference.

  • The change that fueled life

    The change that fueled life

    I was little bit skeptical about going 2500 kms away from my home. “Is it worth it?” I asked myself. And guess what, yes, that change in my life was for good. I will cherish those memories for life.

  • When a stranger made me smile

    When a stranger made me smile

    At a certain point of time, we start believing that there is nothing good left in this world. But, there are those little moments in life which make us realize that we are wrong, that there are still so many good people in this world and it brings smile to our face, a relief in our heart.

  • All I want to say is Good-Bye

    All I want to say is Good-Bye

    I was standing at the gate, still savoring her last glimpse as she looked at me. Atleast I wanted a “good bye”. A very long one, almost never ending. But she quietly, coldly turned back and closed the door. And I was still standing there, without any thought, almost numb. I never imagined that it all would end this way.

  • And I said, Good-Bye Infy!!

    And I said, Good-Bye Infy!!

    During my Infy journey, I found some really talented and cheerful people whose lives are reflections of real joy and learning. Some of them involved in so many social activities, some of them organizing some entertainment events every now and then, a group of people going for adventures on a monthly basis and even a few people innovating new things using latest technologies without even being asked for. These are the people who made my stay in Infy worth remembering.

  • Two years in Infosys…

    Two years in Infosys…

    Life is all about a change. It is something we love and hate at the same time. It is something we desire and withdraw from, simultaneously. Just like the last day of college, I was sure I was going to miss my friends, and I wished I could live that moment forever, but at the same time I was quite excited to start my professional life and wanted the Infosys joining day to come as soon as possible.

  • Born again with love..

    Born again with love..

    When she was in school, she couldn’t imagine love more than a boyfriend riding on a bike with his girlfriend, going out to discs, eating chocolates, enjoying parties and stealing kisses under the moon. For her, love was nothing more than these. But when he came in her life, she felt like she was born again. Born with so much love.

  • Do I qualify to be called a biker?

    When I think of a biker, image of a man, tattooed body, wearing sleeveless leather jacket, riding on a huge cruiser bike- Harley Davidson with an expression of extreme pride and cool attitude. In the Indian scenario, the bike is replaced by a Royal Enfield and the biking gear, by a big mustache and literally any kind of clothes. After all, riding a bullet (Royal Enfield) is a fashion in itself in India.

  • The Last Adventure

    The Last Adventure

    Almost all the nearby adventurous places had been explored by our adventure hungry team. We were ready to plan another weekend and were expecting it to be as much fun as we used to have on the previous trips. But, we were unaware of what we were going to experience would change our lives forever. An adventure, which may prove to be our last.

  • When Pilot Pen was a precious possession

    When Pilot Pen was a precious possession

    New class meant new school dress. Choosing from the colours which best matches the colour prescribed by our school was again a challenge. They said grey trousers and I dont know why somehow my grey was always different from their grey. It was a burden to keep those white shirts white till the school gets over in the afternoon.

  • My first job, Infosys

    My first job, Infosys

    Getting the first job is an experience which cannot be explained in terms of words. Its something which makes you feel as if have got wings, you can fly as higher as you wish. I felt the same when I got my first job while being in college. Getting first job in Infosys was a win-win situation for me, going through a world class training experience and that too while getting paid.

  • In love, its never too late, or is it?

    In love, its never too late, or is it?

    They used to hang out together, work together, enjoyed all the happy moments of life, and shared the sad things. These kinds of relationships cannot remain unnamed for a long time, and it was the case with this one also. He started loving her. He could not say, but he did love her a lot. She also seemed to love her. But may be he was late to tell her, or not…

  • Finally, its Mysore…

    Finally, its Mysore…

    During training, we enjoyed roaming around the campus at nights, doing limitless photography of almost every part of campus, dancing endlessly on DJ nights, eating bread jam while sitting on streets on New Year night, getting crazy when India won the World Cup, studying in GEC till late nights and many more moments which have been embarked on our hearts for our entire life.

  • If we could be together again…

    If we could be together again…

    She was so different from other girls, so pretty & moreover, she was a magician, otherwise how could she get my phone. “You dropped it in the garden. I called you but you didn’t listen,” she offered me my phone & walked away without even waiting to accept my gratitude. Yes, this phone made me meet her, made me meet my life but also…