Experience vs Manager

Being a manager is a huge responsibility. Even if only one employee is reporting to you, you have the responsibility to mentor them, guide them, support them and be vigilant if they are facing any work-related issue. I have seen many brilliant employees whose talents simply got wasted just because they had an incompetent manager. …

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Modify page title tag in WordPress

To change page title tag in WordPress, use the pre_get_document_title filter. Most of the answers on web have mentioned the filter wp_title, but do not use it as wp_title function will be deprecated in future and wp_title hook will not work. At present, wp_title filter does not work when modifying the title tag.

Resolved: Graphics Processor Not Detected in Photoshop

I installed a new version of Photoshop and, suddenly, it was chaos all around. Photoshop started getting crashed even if there was a small graphic-intensive operation and closed automatically without even giving me a chance to save my work. On restarting the application, it was throwing an error message that it disabled enhancements which use …

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WordPress Custom Code

Where to add custom code in WordPress

Writing custom code for WordPress may be easy, but you should carefully add your code at the correct place to keep it clean and easily maintainable.