JPG Image Compression

When you upload images to Facebook or Whatsapp, you must have noticed a reduction in size and quality of the image. Though the image looks fine on most devices, its size get reduced by over 95%. The reason is compression.

It is recommended to compress the images before uploading them to your blog or website. This helps in reducing the bandwidth usage and increase in site speed.

For JPG, my recommended compression settings are 60%.

I noticed that it is best for images being hosted on websites and there is no visible image degradation.

There is a good JPG compression website-

Though this site is good and easy to use, by default it compresses images at different compression ratios for every image. Though you can customize it by clicking the thumbnail of each image, it is not so convenient.

My recommended image compression website is

You can compress images in bulk with the same settings.

Here is the url with predefined setting of 60% compression ratio-


How to replace Paragraph Break with Line Break in LibreOffice Writer

In Microsoft Word, this is very easy. You just need to open “Find and Replace”, enable Wildcards and replace ^13 (paragraph break) with ^l (line break).

But this is a little different in LibreOffice Writer. But you do not require any macro for this. Just follow this process.

  • First of all, type a line break by pressing “Shift” + “Enter”
  • Now copy this line break
  • Now open “Find and Replace” (You can use the shortcut “ctrl” + “H” to open “Find and Replace” dialogue box)
  • Click on checkbox for Regular Expressions
  • Type “$” in the find box to search for paragraph break
  • Click on “Find All”. This will cause all the paragraph breaks in the document to get selected
  • Close the “Find and Replace” box without removing the selection
  • Press “ctrl” + “V” and it will paste line break in place of all the paragraph breaks

That’s it.