Learning for Money

Yesterday marked the final academic event of my Graduation life (B.Tech). It was my Project. It ended, not so smoothly but the ending node was acceptable. Till the moment I got home, I had realized a big change going to happen to my life & probably to all my college mates.

One thing common to everyone is that we all are aspiring great success in life. Its so natural & genuine to expect the same as we have great responsibilities towards a lot of people. We are a bunch of to-be graduates (atleast till the time we get our results), some of them have already got campus placements & others ready to be recruited soon, as they are searching for jobs of which there is no dearth in the present scenario.

But to my surprise, many of them (both of the above types) are aspiring for no more than a job, aspiring for no more than money, as if life has nothing good to offer than wealth. Is it true?

I truly realize that I am not mature enough to question it at that point of time where I am still striving to gain experience. But I can easily conclude from my simple studies of life that its not money which rules everything, its something else, something bigger.

Sometimes I wonder if learning for money is more rewarding than learning to learn. When we learn for money, we don’t have a true feeling to learn. We just want to finish it off as soon as possible. But when we learn to learn, dreaming of the innovative implementations of the knowledge we gain, is it not true learning? “Would there be less chances of getting money in latter case?” I think it would even add some by-products like fame & reputation in society.

Practically, both the things are similar with a little difference in the way we consider things in life. Someone asked me, “Will it make any difference if I think the other way?” Definitely no. You can still achieve “material” things in life. Its upto you in which way you get real satisfaction.

Well, seems my doubts need some time to get resolved. Hope everyone achieve the best in life, considering the fact that the ”best” here is again a controversial term & would have different meanings depending on individuals.