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  • Rewrote Sahityapedia Android App in Flutter

    Though I love coding, I am not a professional app developer. As an entrepreneur, I write code as means to an end. It saves cost which is essential for our bootstrapped startup. After delaying for quite some time, I finally rewrote the entire Sahityapedia app in Flutter (the latest app framework by Google). I wrote […]

  • More Speed, More Happiness and Less Carbon Footprint: Its 4G, its Future

    We are looking forward to a better connected world, with lesser internet carbon footprint, less frustration, more happiness and higher technological growth. May be internet of things will get the required boost and the imagined science-fiction future will be true where every living and non-living thing has an IP address. 4G may not be a reason for this, but it can act as a catalyst.

  • The Rap Game: Just About Anything

    I was going through my old blog posts when I found a novice, but interesting piece of write-up. Few years ago, one of my friends was playing a rap game of rhyming poems with me, which could be just about anything. Here is what I wrote.

  • 10 reasons why Meego powered Nokia phone can outrun any Android powered phone

    Both Android & MeeGo are highly competitive products based on Linux platform & targeting the same kind of gadgets. The deciding factor will be the extras you get with them. However there are a plenty of reasons why MeeGo along with Nokia can provide a high performance, feature rich, value for money device which you can use without feeling outdated for a decent period of time.