Infosys Mysore: Life begins

Infosys-MysoreAfter a long journey of about 2600 kilometers, I was finally about to reach there. It was the beginning point of my new life, new journey to a new destination. And as obvious, my heart was filled with innumerous thoughts and emotions. Yes, I was going there, Infosys Technologies.

Finally, I reached the gate, gate to a new world for which I felt that I had waited for a long time. Infosys has its training center in Mysore. It is the biggest corporate university in the world. Any fresher recruited in Infosys first comes here for training. The moment you enter the gate, everything changes. Life has totally different standards inside the campus. It feels a perfect place to start the professional life.

Infosys provides excellent living & working conditions to its employees with world class facilities. It seems a compensation for working hard & efficiently but it is what we are here for & being paid for.

The starting days have less work load & I tried to explore the huge campus (though still I find many unexplored places). It is like a small modern city. First of all, it has two huge buildings called as GEC 1 & 2 (Global Education Center) which can altogether accommodate about 13500 trainees at a given time. In the morning you can see thousands of them marching towards these buildings & they disappear inside the buildings. During the working hours, while walking in the huge, silent & empty corridors, you can’t imagine that so many of them are in the same building.

There are rules for everything & you can find large number & variety of security personnel  to monitor security as well as enforce the rules. Regarding facilities, there is a nice swimming pool, multiplex, gym & all popular kind of sports for employees including rock climbing, squash, lawn tennis, table tennis, badminton, volleyball, football, basketball, cricket etc. You can also enjoy many other activities like music, yoga etc. Apart from this, all the things & facilities necessary for living are inside this campus. It makes the life of trainees easier as they do not have to run outside campus for small things.

For living, they have hotel kind of buildings, which they call hostel with single rooms for everyone with attached bathroom. There is a big bed with cable TV (yeah, its LCD, remember I said its like hotel) and as one can imagine, you have everything there to live a good life (though only for training duration).

But, regarding training, life is really tough, as they say, everything comes for a price. But the quality of training is excellent & once a person completes the training, he or she is no more the same.

A small note for prospective Infoscions
Dear Friends! I am overwhelmed to see so many people asking questions about Infosys. Being my first job, it will always remain close to my heart.

I understand your anxiety before joining Infosys as I also went through it and that’s why I try to answer each and every query as per my knowledge and awareness. But I can only help you with what I have experienced in Infosys as an employee.

A lot of questions are asked again and again which I have already answered. Please read all my replies before asking anything so as to avoid asking questions which I have already replied to others.

I hope my replies are useful to you. Have a great time!

P.S.: I quit Infosys in May, 2013 to pursue MBA from Indian Institute of Management Rohtak (IIM R). So, I am a little bit outdated on information about Infosys Mysore Training.


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  • keerthi

    Thnx for ur kind rply. My doj is on 5th Aug 2013. Usually how many days before can i get the mail from infy regardng the medical tests and pre-joining requisites. Pls rply me. Thnx in advance.

    • deepak sharma

      you can get just before 7-8 hours as in my case……

    • Abhineet

      In my case, I got the mail 2 weeks before my joining date.

  • Abi

    Hello sir,
    I got placed in Infosys as System Engineer and DOJ is June 2013. Its told I would under go an online training for few months before going to Mysore campus. Will there be an online training or I would join Mysore campus on the specified date.

    • Abhineet

      I have no information about this new format of online training.

  • Aditi Singh

    What are the rules for outing…
    For how long Can I be out of the campus…??
    After the days training, I mean after 7:00 pm in the evening. for how long can I be out of the campus?
    What are the rules?
    Can I be out of the campus on weekends (whole saturday & sunday)and be back on manday morning ??
    Please tell me all the rules related to outing from Infosys Mysore Campus?

    • Abhineet

      This has been discussed in earlier comments.

  • Suhani

    Hey my joining is on 23rd sept and i m frm delhi,
    i vl have to come back to delhi on the next weekend for an exam,
    do i need to take permission from them if i leave campus on saturday and will come back on monday morning before classes start.(i vl be attending classes on monday)

    • Abhineet

      I do not remember if we had to fill any form or to take any permission for this.
      But yes, it is not an issue if you go out on weekend.

  • suhani

    Thnku soo much fr ur help yr.
    i must say ur doin a great job

    • Abhineet

      It’s my pleasure. Even I have left Infy, it is still close to my heart as it was my first job.
      Thank you for the appreciation and All The Best.

  • Nikhil

    hello. Will Infosys stop me from joining if i do not have a passport and i havent even applied for it. because, i ve got mistakes in few documents. im ready for the background check but as u said, u must give a proof that u have applied for passport, im worried if they ll stop me from joining. pls clarify this doubt.

    • Abhineet

      I am not sure what they will do in your case. It is advisable that you contact them and make them aware about the situation. They may give you an alternate solution.

  • http://yahoo hassan

    my son ICE completed 2013.he got a offer letter from infosys position system engineer.but my son not like to joining infosys.he said this job not related his course.his friends also advice him not joining infosys.his decision correct or not.please advice me comments,i think grammatically more mistake.sorry sir.

    riyadh thanking you sir

    • Abhineet

      Dear Hassan,
      I personally believe that it does not matter from which stream you belong because ultimately a person ends up doing a lot of different things and develop new interests in life. However, if he has a particular interest in his engineering branch, then he should pursue a career in that.
      But there is another problem. Job scenario is quite bleak these days. In case he has only this job, it may be a huge risk to give up this job and end up having nothing.

  • Akshay Verma

    Hey Abhineet,
    Does the Infosys Mysore campus also have a pub?

    • Abhineet

      No. You cannot booze inside the campus. Neither you can bring any alcoholic beverage inside.

    • Akshay Verma

      Can you drink outside the campus and come back?

      Shouldn’t it be pretty easy to sneak a small bottle inside?

  • yogesh

    Is it necessary to take all certificate and passport in original as we have uploaded the scanned copies to their portal??

    • Abhineet


  • srilekha

    My reporting time is 4pm-6pm. Bt i will reach mysore station only by 5.30… is that k if i reach 30-60mins later than my reporting time???… will they excuse me??

    • Abhineet

      Take permission from them. If you inform them in time, there should not be any issue.

  • aditi

    is the hostel safe for girls?
    are men allowed in the the girls hostel?
    has there been any case of misconduct with a woman?

    • Abhineet

      Yes, hostels are safe for girls.
      Boys and girls cannot go to each other’s hostels.
      Inside campus, I have not heard any instance of misconduct with women.
      Infosys has very strong policies to ensure women safety.

    • aditi

      are teachers and staff nice to girls??
      any kind of molestation??
      girls have to wear formals or suits in d campus??

    • Abhineet

      Yes. they talk nicely to girls.
      No molestation.
      You have to wear formals during class timings on Monday to Thursday. Apart from that, no restriction of wearing formals.

  • Sanjana Sharma

    Are girls and boys allowed to go to each other’s rooms?
    what if they need to work together on something in the night?

    • Abhineet

      Boys and girls cannot go to each other’s hostels.
      You can only study in class rooms and labs as everything (study material, slides etc.) is on computers.
      In case you want to work at night, there is a 24-hour open computer lab and library.

  • rahul

    well i cleared the campus drive of infosys.. which means i am eligible to attend the training at mysore. what i want to know is about the extra curricular activities at mysore… like do we have football matches or tournaments, and other sports activities

    • Abhineet

      Yes, you will find a plethora of extra-curricular activities in Infosys Mysore. I hope you will find time to pursue at least one or two of them.

    • Rahul Chatterjee

      i have the same ques as my namesake…
      and from your answer am i to assume that hardly there wud be time to pursue our ECA interests???

  • ishmeet kaur

    Can you please tell me what compensation I have to pay if I choose to quit Infosys after training. I have heard that you have to pay the whole stipend you got during the training. Rumors are also there that you have to pay 1.5 Lac. !!!

    • Abhineet

      They decide it on case-by-case basis.

    • Rahul Chatterjee

      sir is there any amt we have to deposit along with the bond we have to sign? if yes what is the amount?

  • shubham

    how can we avail internet facilities at the mysore campus?

  • Abhik

    Hi Abhineet,

    First of all I would like to thank you for responding to the concerns of the new joinees.

    My brother got placed recently, and during medical test,it was observed he is having Hepatitis B infection. It normally takes 5-22weeks to recover completely.
    Will Infosys consider this and extend the joining date to facilitate the same.


    • Abhineet

      Usually Infosys allows extension of joining date in case of medical problems. You need to contact Infosys for further details.

  • Abhineet

    Don’t worry about it. As per my knowledge, it does not matter. If you are selected, you will get training in Infosys just like all the other trainees.

  • Abhineet

    In case of medical problems, they usually allow postponement of the joining date.

  • mounica

    Hi Abhineet

    i have attended the infosys interview on march 2 2014.They asked me to mail my scanned original certificates to i recived an acknowledgement from them.when will i accept a call from them as they dint intimate me anything in my interivew.

  • ankita

    Is there different package for the candidates who r selected through referral drive…?
    Is there any advantage…for referral candidates?

    • Abhineet

      I do not think those candidates are at any advantage. Only benefit is to the person who referred someone and he or she got selected. In this case, there is some monetary benefit for that employee.

  • karisma

    hi Abhineet,

    Is there a need for parents to a company us when we go for our joining to infy mysore?

    • Rajeev

      Yes you can take your parents but accommodation needs to pay by yourself for your parents.

  • George Mickael

    I am joining infy this may. but i havent applied for passport yet. take if i had applied now, my appointment date would be way after my joining.So, i would not be able to make it for the passport interview.. but .. Can I apply with residence address as infys address, and choose a passport office at mysore for appointment… When they say ‘atleast a proof of application of passport’ , do they really mean this , when returning back to home town is impossible.. Please help me with this..

    • Rajeev

      Yes you can apply with infy address.

  • Abhineet

    At my time, boys were provided single rooms.

  • Abhineet


  • Abhineet

    No laptops allowed inside campus. You can only use Infosys workstations for your work.

  • Abhineet

    No. It is not even allowed to carry your own laptop inside the campus.

  • Swapnil Jha

    how can I avail net facilities for my MBA prep while in training at mysore..