Infosys Mysore: Life begins

After a long journey of about 2600 kilometers, I was finally about to reach there. It was the beginning point of my new life, new journey to a new destination. And as obvious, my heart was filled with innumerous thoughts and emotions. Yes, I was going there, Infosys Technologies.

Finally, I reached the gate, gate to a new world for which I felt that I had waited for a long time. Infosys has its training center in Mysore. It is the biggest corporate university in the world. Any fresher recruited in Infosys first comes here for training. The moment you enter the gate, everything changes. Life has totally different standards inside the campus. It feels a perfect place to start the professional life.

Infosys provides excellent living & working conditions to its employees with world class facilities. It seems a compensation for working hard & efficiently but it is what we are here for & being paid for.

The starting days have less work load & I tried to explore the huge campus (though still I find many unexplored places). It is like a small modern city. First of all, it has two huge buildings called as GEC 1 & 2 (Global Education Center) which can altogether accommodate about 13500 trainees at a given time. In the morning you can see thousands of them marching towards these buildings & they disappear inside the buildings. During the working hours, while walking in the huge, silent & empty corridors, you can’t imagine that so many of them are in the same building.

There are rules for everything & you can find large number & variety of security personnel  to monitor security as well as enforce the rules. Regarding facilities, there is a nice swimming pool, multiplex, gym & all popular kind of sports for employees including rock climbing, squash, lawn tennis, table tennis, badminton, volleyball, football, basketball, cricket etc. You can also enjoy many other activities like music, yoga etc. Apart from this, all the things & facilities necessary for living are inside this campus. It makes the life of trainees easier as they do not have to run outside campus for small things.

For living, they have hotel kind of buildings, which they call hostel with single rooms for everyone with attached bathroom. There is a big bed with cable TV (yeah, its LCD, remember I said its like hotel) and as one can imagine, you have everything there to live a good life (though only for training duration).

But, regarding training, life is really tough, as they say, everything comes for a price. But the quality of training is excellent & once a person completes the training, he or she is no more the same.

A small note for prospective Infoscions

Dear Friends! I am overwhelmed to see so many people asking questions about Infosys. Being my first job, it will always remain close to my heart.

I understand your anxiety before joining Infosys as I also went through it and that’s why I try to answer each and every query as per my knowledge and awareness. But I can only help you with what I have experienced in Infosys as an employee.

A lot of questions are asked again and again which I have already answered. Please read all my replies/comments before asking anything so as to avoid asking questions which I have already replied to others.

I have also written a series of articles about my detailed experience during Infosys Mysore Training. You can find it here:

I hope my articles and replies are useful to you. Have a great time!

Note: This article was originally written on 10 February, 2011.

379 thoughts on “Infosys Mysore: Life begins”

  1. hi sir,
    I am also currently working in Infosys ltd. It has been only three months since I joined as a systems engineer and further I want to go for MBA . Kindly assist me how to prepare for it along with my job. The aim is to crack it till 2018 CAT.

  2. Sir i have been placed at infosys as an operation executive level 2 in 2016 and i have completed my graduation in the month of july 2017. So until when should i expect my doj and also let me know what will be my job description if possible.

    1. Im Geetha even i got a job in infosys with the same designation and passed out my graduation in July 2017….. i have a same query kaushik as per my knowledge i came to know that operation executive may include both technical and non technical stuff ….. sometimes there are even possibilities of pushing us in bpo sector…but all these are imaginery dont come to a conclusion try check out some websites

  3. HI sir,
    I am vidya i have completed B.E so i want to work ur company.
    i am interest work ur company so plz guide me sir.
    thank u sir

  4. sir ,
    can u tell me when exactly the joining dates (min & max ) will be for tier-2 college student with 77 % aggregate.
    b’coz i need to undergo lasik operation before joining …?

  5. Okay so my question is totally out of the topic, but yea just wanted to get an idea of it, what’s with the fashion show yu talked about? Yu were one of the red tags. Soft skills is it? ? Is it mandatory for everybody to take part in it? As in the various kinds of ice breaker sessions. Do reply.

  6. Sir i am placed with infosys and my training is in january also my CAT is on 4 DEC. i want to know if i can prepare for my interviews of MBA at MYsore Campus as i want to attend the infy Training and then go for MBA from july.

  7. Hello sir,
    I would be joining infy this november, i’m a btech graduate, i want to do masters, i have interest in technology, want to do MS( AI or IOT or Big data) but the fee is a big constraint, is the MS from Bits worth ?
    Or if i go for MBA( dont have as such any interest, but the scope after mba fascinates me ;p ) ?
    What should i do ?
    Join infy and study side by side ?
    Or what?

    1. This is very subjective and totally depends on one’s preferences. Only pursue what you really want to do.
      If you like MS, go for it. Regarding fees, it is very high for MBA as well.
      But if you get a good college (either for MBA or MS), education loan would not be a problem.

  8. can i ask infosys to extend my doj by four months by giving valid medical reason?is there any chance of canceling my offer due to this?

    1. Valid medical reasons were acceptable during my time to postpone the joining date. Until and unless you are skipping the joining date or failing the background check, there should not be any reason for cancellation of offer.

  9. Hai sir,,. I was recently selected in INFOSYS.., I am from electrical background. I have only knowledge about c language,, I don’t have any idea about java or any other courses. please tell me that any pre-work is needed before joining?

    1. Nothing is needed for campus recruits. They will give you training.
      In case you want, you can study C, C++ etc. but its not mandatory.

  10. Hello sir I got recruited for Infosys in 7th sem and I am from vtu karnataka. As i am a diploma student I need to clear two non credit subjects m1 and m2.will Infosys consider this noncredit subjects as backlog?????

  11. completed my mysore trainning now posted at bangalore, now what is the procedure , can i go to my home town, what is the accomodation facility at bangalore , please explain if you can

  12. My daughter is a 2015 passed out, she attended a off-campus interview on December 18th 2015 with 2016 batch. will they call 2015 students first or along with 2016 batch? and when will she receive the call letter?

    1. As per logic, they should first call 2015 batch students. However, nobody can be sure about this other than Infosys HRs. 🙂

  13. hi sir,
    how to clear the training process….im from non -IT. is there any pre work is necessary before the training period.i have 4 months of span before training.can u plz share ur valuable information..plz

  14. i have one question, after training if a person doesn’t get the project that he wants and if they put u in like tech support team and all what is your life after 2 years ? means when u left infosys this thing can spoil our career ?

    1. Allocation to project is mostly random. Work hard/smart and you will make your career no matter which project you get.

    1. I think you can raise a request to stay in the Guest House, if available. They may charge daily rent for that.

  15. Hi sir…my doj is 26th Oct but m quite anxious these days about whether I wud be able to sustain infy training as I am from non it background..moreover I am all alone…plz reply!

  16. sir i got selected for operation executive in infosys on 3 & 4 feb.. i got my offer letter on 22 june 2015.. but i didn’t receive my doj yet but my few friend already receive doj i.e. 5 oct .. on 28 July..

  17. Sir, what about the salary and accommodation charges like food charge or etc.. What about charges for accommodation if parents come to stay!???

  18. hi sir, i have got selected in infosys bpo as system engineer trainee……but unfortunately i have got arrears in my final semester…. will it affect my placement in infosys????? am so worried ..pls help me with this issue

  19. Sir, i am placed at infosys, and jot offer letter from infosys to join as systems engineer trainee., with this i have to sign an agreement of 1 year. I wanted to know that can i get job in delhi ncr after that 1 year period. As many people are saying that there is no IT jobs in delhi.

    1. Work in Infosys for 2-3 years and then switch to a company which has presence in Delhi NCR like Cognizant, HCL, Wipro etc.

  20. Im a bcom graduate and i have got selected for infosys in may 2015 how long will be my training in mysore and do they provide any food accomodation…

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