Category: CAT Preparation

  • Should you quit your job for CAT Preparation?

    Why people quit their jobs to prepare for CAT? Most of the time it is a bad manager, less salary or disillusionment with the current job. It makes sense to leave something for something much better. But you have to decide the right time to do it.

  • List of Important CAT Preparation Books

    A lot of candidates ask me about the important books to be referred while preparing for CAT. They are also confused about whether to join any coaching center or not. If yes, then which CAT coaching institute to join. In this post, I will try to clear these doubts. I will give you important books list for CAT Preparation. Also, I will share some good resources/material which will help you a lot in your CAT preparation.

  • “New IIM” vs “Old” Private B-School

    There has been a history of highly inflated and misrepresented placement figures by many private non-IIM B-schools. Though, in case of an IIM, you can try filing RTI to get true information.

  • CAT vs GMAT- Dilemma of every MBA aspirant in India

    GMAT is considered easier to crack than CAT based on very low conversion ratio in CAT. However, GMAT is much more expensive than CAT, both in terms of application as well as college fees.

  • How to start preparing for CAT 2019

    CAT (Common Admission Test) is one of the toughest exam to crack. It is the gateway to getting into prestigious IIMs and other top B-schools of India. A lot of people ask me how to prepare for CAT. I am no expert in this but I can share a few tips which I feel helped me in cracking this exam.

  • How to develop the habit of reading

    Reading improves our comprehension capability as well knowledge. But what if someone doesn’t read at all? What if mere thought of reading a book makes you yawn? Is there any way to develop this habit, easily? Here is my experience.