How to start preparing for CAT (IIM)

How to start preparing for CATHow to start preparing for CAT? As mentioned by many, CAT (Common Admission Test) is one of the toughest exam to crack. It is the gateway to getting into prestigious IIMs and other top B-schools of India. A lot of CAT aspirants ask me how to prepare for CAT. Here I am sharing a few tips which I feel helped me in cracking this exam.

Understand the syllabus

This is a useful tip for almost any exam. Understand the syllabus by going through past year’s papers and official guidelines. CAT can be segmented into four broad parts-

  • Quantitative Ability
  • Data Interpretation
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Verbal Ability

The concepts used in this examination are broadly of class 10 level. However, the questions are little bit tricky to solve and require good amount of logical thinking. But it can be developed by practice.

Begin with the end in mind

Start your preparation with sheer determination. Whenever you feel demotivated, you can dream about the day when you will crack the exam and it will definitely motivate you. March-April is a good time to start preparation for the exam which will be held in October-November.

Should you join coaching?

This is based on a lot of things. If you have a lot of time, you can go for coaching. However, if you are into a hectic job and get very little time to study, you can prepare on your own without wasting that time in going to coaching. Coaching will only give you guidance. Rest depends on how sincerely you practice.

Also, the syllabus of this exam does not require any special training. Most of the things we already study in our school. There are few concepts which can be revised from books and other material. Rest is a lot of practice.

Books and material

First of all, get CAT preparation material of some good coaching institute.

For Quant, there are two good books- Arun Sharma & Sarvesh Varma. You can refer to any of these. I referred the latter one as suggested by one of my friends. However, I think the former is more popular with the students. Both the books are good. But don’t buy both. No need to unnecessary collect a lot of books & material. If you have limited time, solving one book is enough. Go for the second book only when you have finished the entire syllabus.

No special book for concepts of Data Interpretation, Logical Reasoning and Verbal Ability. You can rely on the coaching material for all the concepts and can solve all the practice questions. However, you can refer to some books on these topics only after you finish the entire syllabus.

For verbal, you also need to read “Word Power made Easy” by Norman Lewis. It is a very good book which helps in increasing vocabulary not by memorising stuff, but by understanding the ideas behind the words. It is distributed into 45-47 sessions meant to be read one at a time. It is a must-read book and should be completed within two months of starting your preparation.

You also need to read a few good story books as explained in the next point.

That’s it. Yes, you do not need any other book for concepts. This much is enough.

Note- For detailed list of important books, please refer my post “List of Important Books for CAT Preparation“.

Reading, reading & reading

Many students, specially engineers are already good at quant but perform badly in verbal. Earlier, CAT was heavily based on vocab and grammar concepts. But these days, it is more of a general English exam which tests one’s command over English in common usage. You should be very much familiar with English.

The only way to improve your verbal score is to read a lot of good books written in standard English. These can be fiction, non-fiction or anything, just written in good English. I have already written a blog post regarding this. You can read it here: How to develop the habit of reading. I have also mentioned the example books there. Reading 4-6 books during your preparation would increase your familiarity with English and you can easily score good.

Test Series

This is like the Holy Grail of CAT preparation. Subscribe to one good Test Series and write all the tests very sincerely in simulated environment. Fix a day, say Sunday, fix a time, say 9 AM, and give the test every week at the same time. Sit in proper position while attempting the test and tell all your roommates or family members not to disturb you at that time.

Once you write 15-20 such tests, CAT will no longer be a stranger to you. When you will sit for actual CAT, you will feel as if you have done this a lot of times and it will help you to remain confident during the exam.

Most coaching institutes try to set the Mock Question paper to be as near to the real exam as possible. Subscribe to a test series which is more difficult than actual CAT. You may find it difficult to score good in the mock tests. But it will boost your confidence when you will find the actual CAT to be easier than the mock tests. Many good test series are available.

News coverage for post-CAT preparation

Once you clear CAT, you need to qualify the Personality Test rounds of various colleges which include Group Discussions, Written Tests and Personal Interviews. Qualifying CAT makes you eligible to attend this stage and its your performance in these rounds which finally help you getting selected. Preparing for this stage immediately after CAT result can be difficult. Try to follow the basic news in your daily life from today itself. This will ease down the load of preparation for Personality Test rounds and boost up your confidence as well.

And that is all. I followed these things and I feel it helped me to get through this exam (Scored 99.41 percentile in CAT). I hope these tips will help you in preparing well for CAT. All the best for getting into an IIM!

You can also refer to my detailed interview published in a MBA preparation magazine (Careers360) here:

Note: I have not suggested any particular coaching center for coaching, material or test series because I do not know names of a lot of coaching centers. I know only two which are TIME and Career Launcher. I subscribed to TIME Test Series and referred to CAT preparation material from TIME. But I have heard that Career Launcher is equally good and you can refer to that as well. It all depends on your convenience and availability in your area.

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Abhineet is IIM Alumnus and Founder of popular Digital Publishing Platform, Sahityapedia. He is a technology enthusiast by hobby & an avid reader.

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  1. Hey Abhineet,
    I am in final semester of Electrical Engineering. I have already been selected in Infosys and I don’t know when I will be getting my call letter. I joined TIME in mid March and the faculty over there are telling me not to join Infosys if the call letter comes before CAT or other MBA entrance exams. However, I find this to be too risky as I do need a job as a back up in case I don’t get a good MBA college this year. I am preparing seriously but I don’t want to take a drop. But if the call letter comes in August or September, I probably won’t be able to continue with my coaching.
    What do u suggest?

    1. hey anisha ,
      even i am facing the same situation that you are facing my stream was computer engg. i got my letter of intent and i am waiting for the appointment letter .

      i dont know if i should take drop or not .
      what do u say .
      thanks in advance

    2. Leaving job for CAT preparation is not a good idea. It is too risky and will create an empty year in your CV. I feel that the pre-MBA work experience (no matter how small) helps during MBA.
      Though it is very subjective, I think that CAT preparation can be done parallel with IT job (I did while working in Infy and I was in a pretty hectic project).
      Rest depends on you.

  2. Hi,

    I am a working professional and I am thinking of preparing for CAT but I dont know how to start with. I am currently feeling hopeless but I am determined deep inside my heart that I want to do it. Kindly suggest something more.


    1. Try to read some success stories of some famous IIM grads. It will motivate you to be one.
      If you have determination, all you need is a little motivation and you can start the journey to crack the CAT.

  3. How do I start preparing for CAT exam 2015 right from the basics? What are the important aspects I should focus on when preparing for the same?

  4. Hello sir,

    As per the latest news by some CAT portals, CAT-15 will face a drastic change in terms of contents, like quant will not have major role playing, IIM need more non-engineering student, etc considering it will be true, until 26-July IIMA releases notification, what should be the strategies to study/practice, which part/subjects/topic etc will be a good idea, my second query is second part of CAT(VALR), can you please segregate it on basis of number of question asked in each sub topic in past exams, i have another small query, what topic should i consider to have good command on grammar, reasoning is some time quit confusing like, VR LR CR are sub topics of reasoning, what should be the proportion of importance for each, and where will i get a source to practice it.

  5. I want to know about which book to pick for Data Interpretation, Logical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension and Verbal Ability? I want to prepare for CAT without coaching…..can I prefer Arun Sharma’s books for all these subjects?

    Also, I want to know about your website, which WordPress template are you using on this website? I also need it for my website, please mail me at

    1. You can refer to study material of some good coaching institute, may be TIME or Career Launcher. You need not enrol for coaching to get their material.
      Arun Sharma is good for Quant. I did not refer it at all for any section, so cannot say whether it is helpful or not.

      Regarding the template of this blog, it is a premium theme which I bought last year and customized as per my liking.

  6. hi
    i completed mi btech eee in 2015, i m expecting my joining letter in tcs in november month. i want crack cat and i didn’t went coaching till now. please give me suggesstions so that what should i do…

  7. hello abhineet,
    I am in my final year of engineering and have been placed in CTS. I need to prepare for cat 2016 for which i should expect some leniency in work culture which cts supposedly provides. So basically i want to ask how many hours per day should we dedicate to the preps given that the person has an average IQ and enough confidence. I know the question sounds a bit bizarre but was eager to ask to some.

    1. You will find enough time to prepare. Keep some good books/novels handy and keep reading whenever you get time. Also, don’t waste your weekends and use them for preparation.

  8. Hi,Bro I just have seen your article for CAT preparation.It’d be very beneficial for us.You wrote very beautifully .I’m in 2nd year now,I’m deciding to start preparation now for CAT as next year is my last and I’m eligible for CAT so i was thinking i’ll buy some good institutes like CL,T.I.M.E,IMS old study materials just the previous year and will go through it very well.My question is that are those materials i mentioned above would be good enough for CAT preparation or i’ll have need to buy some books as well like TMH series books or any other books if you want to suggest please tell and please tell if I’m missing anything or if you want to suggest anything.I’m doing BBA in 2nd year ,i’m preparing for 2017-18.I’ll put my best efforts to crack.Thanks

    1. Material of TIME or CL is good. You can also buy supplementary books for Quant and DI for more practice like Arun Sharma or Sarvesh Varma. The most important thing is regular practice and attempting mock tests. So, do register for a good test series and give all the mock tests seriously and sincerely.

  9. Hi Sir,
    I am a student of, pursuing my 1st year. After reading your article I am inspired to go for IIM, which I always wanted to do. should I go for it after my or MBA? When will be the right time. please suggest……….

    1. IIM is for MBA. So, you should go for it after your B.Com. You can start preparing now and can attempt CAT in your final year.

  10. Hello ,
    I am Proma ..I did mechanical engineering and recently working.
    Thank you for the post really motivates me a lot …I never sat for cat but now I am planning to sit for cat 2016 as well as xat , NMAT , SNAP …is it really possible to crack the cat with 97 or above with out having the previous experience of cat exam

    1. Hi Proma,
      Yes, it is definitely possible to crack CAT in your first attempt. All you need to do is to be sincere with your preparation.
      Go through all the tips mentioned in the above article to start your preparation and keep motivating yourself by dreaming about the day when you achieve your goal.
      All the best!

  11. I’m a student, will be appearing for final year of graduation in 2017 and for CAT in 2016. I’ve enrolled in IMS, will it be required to take any other additional help?
    Your suggestion would be helpful.

  12. Hello, I am a PCB student and but I don’t want to go for MBBS.I am joining BBA Hons. from Christ University, Bangalore this year.I want to do my MBA from IIM after that.HOW AND WHEN should I start preparing for CAT?

    1. You will be eligible for MBA only in your final year of graduation. However, you can start some basic preparation from now. Start with reading a lot of books which will help a lot in the verbal part of CAT. Then you can gradually start practicing quantitative ability topics followed by full fledged preparation in your pre-final year.

  13. Hello sir…i m class 10th…. i have decided to do IIT n then IIM….bt sir…it is my great dream to study in IIM…..can u plzz suggest me ways to prepare for IIT n IIM both simultaneously.

    1. If you plan to do B.Tech, first focus on getting into a good college like IITs. You will have ample time after that to think about your future like pursuing MBA etc. No need to prepare for both simultaneously.

  14. Thanks for replying to my previous query.I also wanna know that does the college from where I do my bba Hons also matter?As I can’t get an admission in Du bcz I don’t have maths and I don’t wanna go too far so I am thinking of joining Lpu.

    1. To be honest, yes. Graduation college matters in case of IIMs. But only if you are from top colleges like IITs, LSR etc. But no need to go far away just to get into some above average college.

  15. Hi.. I am currently working for a reputed PSU Bank. Lately I have decided to join a good b school in India. How long do I need to study a day considering the fact that I am into 10 to 5 daily job ? Also I am posted in a remote area where there are no coaching institutes. Kindly help me out….

    1. Hi Sneha,
      Regularity is more important than number of hours a day. Studying an hour daily is much better than studying for 5 hours once a week. I would advice you to try to study at least 1-2 hours daily on working days and whole day on weekends.
      Apart from these, try reading English novels/books/newspapers etc. They will help a lot in preparation for verbal part of MBA entrance exams. If you have a smartphone, you can use various reading apps available for this purpose.
      Living in a remote area is not an issue as you can do away with coaching. If you have internet access, you are good to go. A lot of info regarding preparation is available online.
      Also, enroll to an online test series and sincerely attempt all the tests.
      All The Best!

  16. Hi Sir,
    I am a student of, pursuing my 1st year. After reading this article I am inspired to go for IIM,desperately which I always wanted to do.When will be the right time. please suggest and how to prepare at home to get good percentile……….nd what book shoud I prefer for these sections.

    1. You will be eligible for writing CAT in your final year. You can start now with basics and can scale up your preparation in your 2nd year of B.Sc.

  17. Hello sir, M Shalu, a studnt of 2nd year perusing bachelors in journalism and mass communication from xaviers ranchi. I hav a dream to start my career in PRO n i wanna go for MBA in PRO. As i m long way from maths but i had it in my school days till 12th. So i wanna knw how should i prepare for my CAT exams so that i can clear my cat exams with a good percentile .!

    1. Hi Shalu,
      CAT exam has only 10th level Maths, so you need not worry about not having Maths as a graduation subject. You just need to practice well and you will be able to crack it.

    2. Thnku so much for ur great concern sir.!
      Can you hint me wit a query that which institute provides MBA in PRO.?

      Practice means should i join institute or else study on my own.? Like what should be mantra for a student to pursue a goal ?

    3. Do you mean Public Relations? If yes, you can opt for a marketing specialization in MBA which is available in all premier B-schools.
      If you have time, you can join an institute, or if you are working/studying, you can get some preparation material and start preparing at home, but revise what you study & practice a lot of questions. Give special emphasis to test series.

  18. Hi sir , I’m in MBBS 1st year . Are their any opportunities for a medical student in MBA and after that ?

    1. Sir, i harish completed my +2,can i start preparing for cat or it is just waste due to low leavel

    2. yes of course its open there have been times when
      even the medical student were in the toppers

    3. Hi Saurav,
      Yes. A lot of health care companies can offer unique profile where the job requires medical domain knowledge as well.
      Regarding entrepreneurship, one of my doctor friend in MBA wants to start a Medical Tourism company.

  19. Sir have u heard about npti faridabad, for the admission the cat score required, I am not going to any coaching institutions. So guide me how to study at home and what are the relevant books I have to concentrate to get good score in cat
    Being an b.e (electrical) student my dream is to study MBA in power management at npti

    1. Hi Zaffer,
      I have not heard about the institute you mentioned.
      You can follow the books which I have mentioned in this article.

  20. hi sir i am currently pursuing from IIIT BBSR ,….sir i want to know that are there any chances of my getting into top b schools my 10th and 12th board % are between 80 to 90 ……even if i get a good score in cat exam …..shall i get a call from top 10 b schools

  21. hi,
    i am a mbbs student doing MD in Pharmacology.i am interested in doing MBA from a good college.kindly suggest me how to prepare for it and what branches should i take? and what are the scope for a MD doctor after MBA?

    1. I do not have a lot of knowledge about MBBS branches & courses. However, being a doctor in a top B-school, one has many good options/opportunities.
      Copy-Pasting my comment regarding a similar query I answered earlier on this blog- A lot of health care companies can offer unique profile where the job requires medical domain knowledge as well.
      Regarding entrepreneurship, one of my doctor friend in MBA wants to start a Medical Tourism company.

  22. Hey , i wanted know how your past academic record affects your chance for getting into IIMS ?scoring around 60% average or 55% through out would make one ineligible for IIMS even if you have scored 99%ile in cat or xat ?

    1. Past academic record does affect chances in getting into IIMs because IIMs have huge weightage for academic records at the moment.

  23. hi…am studying 2nd year and i want to do mba after . so can u tell me, which part is tuff in cat exam.

    1. I just finished my BE. I finally decided to appear cat i have approx 4months fo r prepration please give me a guidence
      For how can i start prepration by myself i dont trust any institutes here!

  24. Hello sir, i wanted to ask that would I be able to get admission in top iim’s as i have academic scores like this– 10th- 9.4CGPA, 12th- 80%, graduation- 68%

  25. sir i have just passed graduation with 70.5 % in BBA . And now i have decided to go for MBA . i have started prepairing for cat june is it possible that if practice a lot i can clear cat of NOV 2016?

  26. Hello sir, I am pursuing btech in etc. I am second year student sir my question was that will my 10,12 marks matter or graduation marks for admissions to various collages for MBA…. sir please suggest me some ideas for preparation also…

  27. hello sir, i m now doing engineering in extc and m in third year. should i give CAT 17 or CAT 18? i have seen on the site of iima that they also take into consideration % scored on an aggregate till date.My avg. pointer is 8.15 what should i do?
    also i want to prepare for CAT on my own. Is it ok? U suggested TIME series for preparation so can i get that5 series in stationary stores?

  28. Hi Abhineet,
    I really like the way you have explained how to prepare for CAT. Currently I am working as a software engineer and planning for CAT. But my academic scores are not really good which caused me lot trouble to get into IT industry. I just wanted know whether that affects my IIM admission as well or once I crack it won’t matter.

    1. Yes. Scores matter, but mainly in older IIMs. If you are fulfilling the eligibility criteria, you can work hard on your CAT score to compensate for your marks.

  29. currently i am doing bsc hons physics , and i wish to do mba from top prestigious colleges , is it better to do preperations for cat from first year by joining TIME institute ? does zero work experience affects ?
    and out of 100 question in cat exam how much question we need to attempt in order to get 90+ percentile ? does cat exam have reservations for sc or obc candidates ? how much time should i divote per day for cat preperations ?

    1. Coaching helps for maintaining regularity in studies. However, self-study can also do fine in case one is sincere.

  30. I am doing my final year in engineering. I planned to write M.B.A. in 2017. I have a year completely. How to prepare from now ?. Shall I make a try in the upcoming 2016 cat exam?

  31. Hi Abhineet,
    Myself Renjith,completed B.E Mechanical engg, now working as an engineer(Project Management ) in a private organization.I want to purse MBA in Sales and Marketing.Appearing for CAT Exam in December 2016 , need to prepare for CAT Exams. Kindly suggest me some suitable books and study material for preparation.

  32. hi , i have designing background completed masters in that want to pursue iim ,am i eligible for that ? is it helpful people who are from different background?

  33. I am currently doing Biotechnology and I wish to pursue MBA in healthcare management and I was thinking about preparing for CAT exams. Your article was very helpful. The problem with me is that I get demotivated very easily plus I am lazy af. Can you give me some suggestions I would really appreciate that.

    1. It’s very subjective & depends on individual. The way I motivated myself was to dream of the day if I get selected into an IIM.

  34. Hi Abhijeet,

    Thanks for sharing this. It helped me clear my doubts about the coaching thing. On thing i want to ask is how important are your graduation marks while seeking admission in B-Schools?
    I Have not scored 60% in B.Tech, can i still hope for a good college?

    1. You can start building your foundation by reading a lot of books and reading newspaper regularly. Final preparation can be started in third year of B.Tech.

  35. Hey,
    As you have suggested its not good to leave an IT job for preparing CAT,So how much time should i dedicate each day if start preparing for CAT from march 2017 to give 2017 CAT exam.As you would be knowing that office covers 9 hours in a day excluding the travelling part,so should i be studying only on weekends or daily ?And i work for an MNC,so if have 1 year experience will that be good ?

    Thank you

    1. It may sound cliche but number of hours really depend on individual. I have seen people dedicating as little as 1 hour per day to as many as 6-7 hours per day, still getting into IIMs. So, it all depends on you.
      Personally, I feel you should dedicate your weekends completely and devote at least 1 hour daily on working days.
      1-3 years of work experience is generally good for regular MBA.

  36. Hello sir I m a first year at IHM pusa new Delhi , and want to be in one of top B schools after my graduation . I have scored 80.16% in 10th from ICSE and 75.4 % in 12th from ISC. PLZZ guide and tell me how good are my chances to make it happen

    1. Hi,
      I have completed my graduation three years ago and then i did a job for two and a half years and now want to pursue my post graduation from TOP B – School
      For that i am preparing for CAT 2017 , I have scored average marks in my 10th , 12th and graduation, Kindly tell the chances of my selection in Best IIM colleges.

    2. sir i cleared myCA Final exam now in last week and now i am aiming to give CAT ang get into top four IIM. Two questions i want to ask, the first i want to ask is whether it is too late to prepare for CAT? and the second,since i have done articleship in a med size firm i dont have much corporate work experience and my articleship got over now and i cleared CA in second attempt so both finished simultaneously whether they need work experience?

  37. Hello sir
    I went through your words above and they surely helped me to get motivated enough to hit CAT 2017-18 . I m a final year undergrad economics student and have appeared for CAT this year which took place on 6Th Dec 2016. Though i enrolled myself at TIME, Gurgaon in June but went there only for a month and a half as coping with college was getting difficult. Honestly I did not enjoy their teaching mechanism much specially the quant part. I have the study material with me now but cant avail the classroom learning now. My ultimate stress as off now is that I have always been an average mediocre student getting decent marks but never a topper or something. So how hard will it be for me to crack it because I badly need to get through this exam , not just for a good salary package or brand name college but for sense of pride and confidence within. Looking forward for your reply.

    Tanishq Raizada.

    1. Hi Tanishq,
      Glad to know that this article helped you.
      Regarding your query, all you need is sheer determination and hard work. Regular study is must. Even 2-3 hours a day may be enough if you study daily with full concentration.
      All the best!

  38. Hi Abhineet,

    You write very well :):)
    I have been working in Infosys from the last two years.I tried hard to prepare for CAT this year, joined coaching,gave the exam too, but I know what the results are going to be. I was not able to make time for studies along with job this year.But I really want to crack CAT in 2017.(My biggest problem is that I am not good at Maths and so, I loose my interest in it.)Can you guide me that how to manage both job and preparation together?Please help…

    1. Hi Nidhi,
      Thank you! 🙂
      Managing preparation with job can be difficult. I had a tough time doing the same. I will definitely write an article about it on my blog shortly.
      All the best!

  39. hi sir ,
    i wanted to know how the selection process works in iim’s.
    iam a final year student. i have a scored 77% in my 10th and i have scored just 57% in my 12th both from CBSE school. and i have a score of about 8.2CGPA till ma 7th sem in my
    i come under OBC cast and i have heard their is a little compensation for them.!!!
    is it possible for me to get into top B schools.
    or my 12 th low marks are gona hunt me down no matter what
    even if i score good in my CAT exam.!!
    Do you think their is fair chance for me to get into any of the top b schools so that i can give my best for the comming exam without any hesitation.!!
    Thank you.
    Kishoth Geethan

  40. Hello Sir,
    I’m a student of IT,first year,BIT Mesra. I’ve scored 8.8 CGPA in 10th std from CBSE Board and 74.46% in 12th from Maharashtra Board. I want to do MBA from IIM after my B.E. Please do guide.
    Thank You.

  41. Dear Abhineet, thanks for your guidance. I think it will helps me a lot for my CAT 2017 preparation. I hope it will be the best guidance for crack CAT exam.
    Thank you very much.

  42. I want to ask that which institute is better for the cat exam tathgat or time
    and should i start the coaching right for the cat 18 or not and one more thing that we are required to get 80% in class 10 and 12 then the institute will take us

  43. Please do write more about how one should continue preparations while working at an IT sector. Would be of great help.

  44. Sir I have two questions… First, you are from engineering background. Is pursuing mba after graduation in civil engineering good?does it have any positive or negative effects?
    Second,where can I get materials of the coaching institutes?

  45. Hello sir I am student of class 11 and I want to start preparation now. How to I start please help me.

  46. abhineet sir,
    I am pursuing computer science engineering. I am in first year now.. and its my dream to get admission in IIM. I am here on this webpage because I need guidance.. I am so thankful that you shared such important things with us.. I will really work hard and follow everything what you said in this article. I am good at math but I am weak at my vocab.. I can speak English but don’t have knowledge of much vocab.. plzz suggest me how to develop vocab and also is it important to join a coaching because my parents can’t afford my college as well as coaching fees.. I want to do hardwork and clear CAT on my own strength.. plzz let me know..
    waiting for your reply

    1. Hi Shweta,
      These days we do not find direct voacb questions in CAT. For basic vocab, religiously go through “Word Power Made Easy” and do extensive reading. You can read my article regarding reading-
      Also, take as many mock tests as possible.
      You can also go through my Important Books List here-
      It will guide you regarding books to follow and coaching v/s self study.
      All the best!

  47. Hi Abhineet,
    Firstly, very nice article. Well written and to the point. Thank you!

    I graduate in 2018 with an Computer Science degree. I have had minimal preparation so far. Would it be a fair shot for me at this year’s November exam or am I better off writing with preparation for 2018 CAT? I believe they do have a limit on number of attempts.

    Secondly, if one qualifies in CAT exam but doesn’t get through the personal interviews and group discussion – does my exam score pass on to next year or do I need to write CAT afresh? Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Akhtar,
      There is no limit on number of attempts in CAT. Also, the score is valid for only the current year and cannot be passed on to the next year.
      All the best for your preparation.

  48. hi Abhineet
    I am in class 11 NOW and….i am even very well acquainted to the fact that it is too early to start preparing for CAT but anyhow if you could suggest me some basic tips I’ll be really grateful to you.(my score usually lies between 90% to 94%).

    1. focus on your 12th board first . That will help you in all times.And try to improve your verbal knowledge by reading articles or editorials from any good renowned english newspaper.

  49. Your article was very helpful. I am pursuing my degree in English literature now and wish to get into IIM. But I had scored just 56 percent in my 12th grade. If I manage to score a good CGPA for my degree, do you think I stand a chance to get selected?

  50. Hi Abhieet
    I liked the way u explained everything above.
    I am in 1 St year engineering cs branch.
    I want to start preparing for cat from now onwards.
    I want to know from what should I start.
    I am good at studies.
    Actually want to start startup after MBA.

  51. I am in class. My english is not every good. I want to know that if i will start improving my english from now only then in future english will not a big deal for me in cat.

  52. Sir
    I am Sagnick Chakraborty,persuing btech from top private college in WestBengal.My stream is Civil Engineering, my class 10 marks was 8.8 cgpa and class 12 was 85%.sir now I am in second year….sir do I have any chance of getting any IIMs with this past results and how to prepare from now to get this in future?one more quaries which stream or branch will be,suitable for me being a civil engineers in persuing MBA?

  53. Hello Sir
    I am student of first year in in mathematics honors. I have just join in Career launcher Ranchi for the preparation of CAT. How can I start my preparation. My English is so weak and how I prepare for this. I am JAC board student my 10th marks is 87.6%. and 12th is 79%. my dream is to be take admission on IIMs. I will give the CAT exam 2020. and I am start from beginning. which book is best for me and how to fluent in English

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