Beyond the Illusion of Real Togetherness

Real Togetherness

There would be hardly anyone who would want to be alone in life. We always need family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, neighbors, pets and even unknown people around us. It is human nature to be together and seek happiness and being with others. But has it changed these days?

In old days, the only way of being together was to sit together. Telecommunication was still a distant dream usually practiced in fantasy movies by fictional characters. But everything has changed now. With the advent of 24/7 connectivity through small pocketable handheld devices called mobile phones, togetherness has got a new meaning.

Earlier it was telephony where people used to talk for several hours a day. But with the introduction of internet, smartphones and apps, connectivity is now 24/7. People remain available all the time and remain busy in reading and responding to text messages. And it is so much consuming that they hardly get any time to think anything else.

This connectivity is virtually connecting us to millions of people, but is it real togetherness? I cannot “new-pinch” my friends when they wear a new dress, I cannot dance with them on latest dance numbers, I cannot hug them when I feel lonely, I cannot hold their hands when I feel afraid. Whoever I am connected to using this technology, I am still sitting alone in a 10×10 room holding a smartphone in my hands. This is not togetherness. Rather, this is an illusion of togetherness which is taking away the real togetherness.

The real togetherness is when we are actually together laughing on jokes, dancing on tunes, playing hide-and-seek, caring when someone is sick, cooking new dishes, traveling to new places, solving riddles, drenching in the rain etc. The list is endless and it is so much different than sitting in a room and imagining all these things.

We all are slowly forgetting the joy of being close to nature and we prefer the comfort of sitting in our beds. And it is true that even being alone, we are technically not alone as we are constantly connected through technology. But we need to break free from these and get back to real life.

Kissan has released a nice commercial showing how planting some tomato seeds bring a group of people together belonging to all ages. It shows how we are still those nature loving humans who truly enjoy when they are together, who still recognize the power of togetherness.

We need to do something similar to make things better. There are so many things we can do like enjoy the sunrise every morning on our roofs, walking on the green grass barefoot, singing along with the birds, watering the plants in the garden etc. There is so much we can do.

We are slowly going away from the real life which we need to stop, and being closer to nature is a great way to achieve that.

You can visit the Kissanpur to learn more about above campaign here:

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