Category: Life

  • Beauty of randomness in life

    I do not mean to offend anyone but lately I have observed a peculiar trend in my LinkedIn feed. A lot of people are posting random stories about small instances from their daily life and trying to create analogies with something meaningful to bring out great learnings out of that. To be honest, sometimes these […]

  • Experience vs Manager

    Being a manager is a huge responsibility. Even if only one employee is reporting to you, you have the responsibility to mentor them, guide them, support them and be vigilant if they are facing any work-related issue. I have seen many brilliant employees whose talents simply got wasted just because they had an incompetent manager. […]

  • My Idea of a Peaceful Dream Vacation

    Two things which are very famous in Ooty are homemade chocolates and tea factory. The tea factory manufactures so many varieties of tea including chocolate flavored tea. One can buy a ticket to even visit the factory and witness the whole production process. At various points, they offer you sample tea of different flavors which is a delight to taste. I will not be able to leave that place without buying at least a few kilos of tea powder.

  • Beyond the Illusion of Real Togetherness

    I cannot “new-pinch” my friends when they wear a new dress, I cannot dance with them on latest dance numbers, I cannot hug them when I feel lonely, I cannot hold their hands when I feel afraid. Whoever I am connected to using this technology, I am still sitting alone in a 10×10 room holding a smartphone in my hands. This is not togetherness. Rather, this is an illusion of togetherness which is taking away the real togetherness.

  • Togetherness without being together

    We have fun loving people all around us, but very few of them love people more than fun, and that makes all the difference.

  • The change that fueled life

    I was little bit skeptical about going 2500 kms away from my home. “Is it worth it?” I asked myself. And guess what, yes, that change in my life was for good. I will cherish those memories for life.

  • When a stranger made me smile

    At a certain point of time, we start believing that there is nothing good left in this world. But, there are those little moments in life which make us realize that we are wrong, that there are still so many good people in this world and it brings smile to our face, a relief in our heart.

  • Do I qualify to be called a biker?

    When I think of a biker, image of a man, tattooed body, wearing sleeveless leather jacket, riding on a huge cruiser bike- Harley Davidson with an expression of extreme pride and cool attitude. In the Indian scenario, the bike is replaced by a Royal Enfield and the biking gear, by a big mustache and literally any kind of clothes. After all, riding a bullet (Royal Enfield) is a fashion in itself in India.

  • When Pilot Pen was a precious possession

    New class meant new school dress. Choosing from the colours which best matches the colour prescribed by our school was again a challenge. They said grey trousers and I dont know why somehow my grey was always different from their grey. It was a burden to keep those white shirts white till the school gets over in the afternoon.

  • The memorable train journey from Delhi Part-1

    Life goes on making you experience things which can be sometimes very strange. Something I got to see last evening. I was in Delhi & was returning home. So, I went to railway station to get a train which I usually prefer for this journey. The line for general was upto the station gate & […]

  • Learning for Money

    One thing common to everyone is that we all are aspiring great success in life. Its so natural & genuine to expect the same as we have great responsibilities towards a lot of people. But to my surprise, most of us are aspiring for no more than a job, aspiring for no more than money, as if life has nothing good to offer than economical status.

  • After The Winter Rain

    Winter rains are not as beautiful as spring. Its because they bring with them enough cold which can keep one away from the romantic feelings which are obvious to head up during rain. Its much the same today. The weather is so good if seen from far, but I am still trying to feel the warmth of love which is always hidden in the rain.