Infosys Mysore: Life begins

Infosys-MysoreAfter a long journey of about 2600 kilometers, I was finally about to reach there. It was the beginning point of my new life, new journey to a new destination. And as obvious, my heart was filled with innumerous thoughts and emotions. Yes, I was going there, Infosys Technologies.

Finally, I reached the gate, gate to a new world for which I felt that I had waited for a long time. Infosys has its training center in Mysore. It is the biggest corporate university in the world. Any fresher recruited in Infosys first comes here for training. The moment you enter the gate, everything changes. Life has totally different standards inside the campus. It feels a perfect place to start the professional life.

Infosys provides excellent living & working conditions to its employees with world class facilities. It seems a compensation for working hard & efficiently but it is what we are here for & being paid for.

The starting days have less work load & I tried to explore the huge campus (though still I find many unexplored places). It is like a small modern city. First of all, it has two huge buildings called as GEC 1 & 2 (Global Education Center) which can altogether accommodate about 13500 trainees at a given time. In the morning you can see thousands of them marching towards these buildings & they disappear inside the buildings. During the working hours, while walking in the huge, silent & empty corridors, you can’t imagine that so many of them are in the same building.

There are rules for everything & you can find large number & variety of security personnel  to monitor security as well as enforce the rules. Regarding facilities, there is a nice swimming pool, multiplex, gym & all popular kind of sports for employees including rock climbing, squash, lawn tennis, table tennis, badminton, volleyball, football, basketball, cricket etc. You can also enjoy many other activities like music, yoga etc. Apart from this, all the things & facilities necessary for living are inside this campus. It makes the life of trainees easier as they do not have to run outside campus for small things.

For living, they have hotel kind of buildings, which they call hostel with single rooms for everyone with attached bathroom. There is a big bed with cable TV (yeah, its LCD, remember I said its like hotel) and as one can imagine, you have everything there to live a good life (though only for training duration).

But, regarding training, life is really tough, as they say, everything comes for a price. But the quality of training is excellent & once a person completes the training, he or she is no more the same.

A small note for prospective Infoscions

Dear Friends! I am overwhelmed to see so many people asking questions about Infosys. Being my first job, it will always remain close to my heart.

I understand your anxiety before joining Infosys as I also went through it and that’s why I try to answer each and every query as per my knowledge and awareness. But I can only help you with what I have experienced in Infosys as an employee.

A lot of questions are asked again and again which I have already answered. Please read all my replies/comments before asking anything so as to avoid asking questions which I have already replied to others.

I have also written a series of articles about my detailed experience during Infosys Mysore Training. You can find it here:

I hope my articles and replies are useful to you. Have a great time!

P.S.: I attended Infosys Mysore Training from Dec 2010 to May 2011. Two years later, in May 2013, I quit Infosys to pursue MBA from an IIM. It’s been a long time and I am outdated on information about present day Infosys Mysore Training.

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Abhineet is IIM Alumnus and Founder of popular Digital Publishing Platform, Sahityapedia. He is a technology enthusiast by hobby & an avid reader.

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  1. please can u just clear a few things. 1. is there a dress code for eg girls should wear salwar suits or week day wise .2.what kind of food do we laundry available is it charged.4.are all the remaining facilities charged.

    1. 1. yes, there is dress code for both boys and girls. Choices are less for boys as they are limited to shirt and trouser. For girls, its a long list. On Friday you can wear informal.
      2. There are many food courts in the campus. Food is OK. There are a lot of choices in cuisines.
      3. Laundry is available and yes, it is charged. There is nothing called free here.
      4. As I said in the previous point, each and every facility you get here is charged, so it cannot be called free. But atleast you get all these things here.

  2. can u tell me details of training like syllabus, tests conducted in training period, if we fail the test what will happen? and chances of failure. I will be really thankful if u give me these details.

    1. Well, training comprises of 3 stages with syllabus varying from general concepts like programming, oop, RDBMS in initial stages, to specialised streams like dot NET, Java, Mobile Computing, Mainframes etc. in final stage.
      There is a test after every module and if you fail, you get a second chance. In case of failing in a retest, there are different rules in different stages of training.

    1. Personal laptops are not allowed in the campus.
      Ragarding iPads, there is a thin line between large touch screen phones and tablets these days, so it depends on the size of tablet you have. Like Galaxy Tab cannot be considered just a phone or a tablet. So, there are some ambiguities in the rules in this regard.

  3. do girls get single rooms as well?
    do CS/IT and non CS/IT people be in the same class/batch?
    do same DOJ students of same stream get the same batch?
    are tablets like samsung galaxy tab allowed in d campus/hostel?

    1. 1) Yes, girls do get single rooms, but it all depends on your luck because they have both single and shared rooms for girls, and usually they do not offer you a choice. But if you get shared room , you pay less than the single room.
      2) At the time of my training, there used to be different batches for CS & non-CS. But from this year (2011), I have come to know that there are some big changes in training structure. Both CS & non-CS will have same training and so will share the same batch. Also, marking schemes have been changed.
      3) I did not get your third question.
      4) For this question, just check my reply to the previous comment.

  4. hey im leaving on the 1st of august , ummm i have a couple of questions
    1.are we allowed to go out(out of the campus/to the city) if yes then what are the timings?
    2.are the weekends off(if not then do they have half days or something on the weekends or what)?

    1. You get two days weekend, means Saturdays and Sundays are off.
      Yes, you can come in and go out of campus.
      For working days, timings are 5 AM to 8 AM in the morning and 4:30 PM to 9:30 PM in the evening.
      For weekends, its 5 AM to 11 PM.
      As a trainee, only during these timings, you can enter or leave the campus.
      Note: I am not sure about morning timings.

  5. thanks a lot!! one more thing one of my friends is applying for an extension(not on medical grounds). so is such an extension possible?

  6. what about our working hours..?? will we get enough leave 2 go home during training days…?? will it be okay for Non CS students….???

    1. Yes, you can get leaves. But, during training, its better not to take leaves, they can prove fatal at times as you may lag behind in your studies. It is actually a chain reaction because once someone flunks in a test, he or she has to prepare for the retest as well as the next module test (both are scheduled with a short difference) which is not easy.
      Once you come inside Infy, its useless to classify yourself among CS and non-CS. Here all are considered the same for all opportunities.

  7. hey once again
    the offer letter says these guys need my passport and well to tell you the truth my father is more interested in this matter than i am therefore i will go ahead with the question.why in the blue hell do these guys need my passport anyway?(i already have a passport)does these indirectly imply that they might consider sending me to work outside india?

    1. You need to have a passport if you join Infy.
      Yes, you may get a chance to work abroad within a few years or even less, depending on opportunities you get.

  8. I wished 2 know the procedure of their document verification….
    coz i am recruited at infy but my aggregate percentage uptill 7 semesters is 64 which is less than their requirement which is 65. and my 8th semester result won’t be out by d time i join the training. So please let me know if i can sneak out through this or if their document verification isn’t too rigid to catch me with this discrepency.
    thank You

    1. I cannot suggest you anything regarding this. Its better you contact the HR.
      However, I can suggest you to extend your joining date so that you can get your final semester result before joining.

    1. Ofcourse you can. But regarding studies, I dont think its possible to prepare for any exam while seriously undergoing the training.

  9. Sir,
    :- How is the posting procedure carried out…after the completion of the training module…likewise does the performance in the training program matters in the location of the job posting.
    :- After the completion of training, is there a leave between the completion and the posting. (if yes, then approx. how many days)
    :- What is the bank for the salary account.
    :- How are we supposed to roam around the campus.(I’ve heard the GEC is about miles from the hostels)
    :- How many days prior to our joining, would we be eligible for our accomodation.
    :- Last but not the Least, is there a temple or a church within the campus.

    I would be obliged if I could get an answer for the above mentioned queries.

    1. 1. Training performance does not affect your posting location. It depends on the requirement at that time. Also, they consider domicile for giving you posting near to your home town. But for those, who does not have a DC in their state, can get posted anywhere.
      2. No, there are no leaves between training completion and posting. You will have to join immediately within the given time period.
      3. Salary accounts are maintained in ICICI Bank.
      4. Yes, campus is quite large. You can walk or use the cycles parked at parking spots around the campus. Dont worry, you will get habitual of walking long distances within a few days.
      5. Usually they allow you to join one day before the joining date, i.e. on Sunday.
      6. No, there is no temple or church inside the campus. However their is an Infosys maintained Temple near the campus and ofcourse there are Church, Mosques, Gurudwara in Mysore city.

  10. Thank You Sir !

    :- Also, There are three courses…after the generic training viz., Java, Mainframe and .NET. So, Is the assignment of the course to a particular individual, dependent on any factors ? (If yes, then like what factors)
    :- Unlike the training relocation, do we get any reimbursement, for the transportation for the job location we’ve been posted to.
    :- Also, I have a linux based handset ( Nokia N900), which is just an acronym for a PC. So, would such kind of cellphones be allowed on the campus.
    :- Any multimedia devices ( Ipod, DigiCams) permitted on the campus.

    Would be obliged to get the answer of this last set of questions.

    1. -Well, there are not just three streams (as they are called), rather there are also many others like Open Systems, Cloud Computing, Mobile Computing, ES etc. No, I dont think that the assignment of the stream is based on any particular performance factor.
      -Yes, you will get reimbursed for your reallocation after training.
      -Any kind of mobile phone is allowed on campus. As I have said before, there are ambiguities between handhelds and latops these days, so size is what matters, not features. That means, if it is pocketable, you can bring it in.
      -Yes, you can bring any electronic device like iPod, DigiCam inside the campus, except laptop.

  11. sir i heard that training syllabus has been completely revised and also the module tests and other things like cs/it and non cs/it students will have the same training.sir my joining is on 8th of august,so it would be very kind of you if you could share in brief the syllabus in various modules

    1. Yes. I have come to know that training structure has been changed completely and now its the same for CS as well as non-CS people. I do not have the new syllabus with me.
      All The Best for your new life.

  12. hello sir…

    i want to ask what if we come to join without a passport?
    can we carry our laptop and PDs or is it not allowed there?

    1. -Yes, you can come without passport, but then you will have to go through an additional verification by police (cost will be borne by you) and will have to submit the proof that you have applied for a passport.
      -No laptops and PD’s are allowed inside the campus. For clarification on this point, please read my previous replies.

  13. helo sir..i have following queries…
    1. Do we need to have actual copy of our Domicile in hand while joining?
    2. What if we dont have our last semester DMC coming soon..they allow to join with provisional and give 3 months deadline to submit DMC …but i am from A Govt university…process is realy slow here…Clerks dont provide documents on time…so will that deadline crossing be an issue?or can the college be of help in such a case?

    1. – You need not carry any domicile proof with you. They consider your permanent address for domicile.
      – Dont worry, a provisional degree is fine. Hope you would be having marksheets for all the four years.

  14. Thank you sir for replying.sir i have one more question that i am not from a cs/it background so for completing training properly will the training material be sufficient or we will need to refer some books apart from material

  15. Hey….can i get an extension on my joining date without medical reasons. my joining date is currently 8th Aug….do you have any idea wat cud be my new joining date if they allow me to…??

  16. -> I do not know much of programming.Will the training be manageable?Should I prepare anything before my date of joining?
    -> Will the assignments be so tough there?

    1. – Its ok if you do not know programming as this is what they consider while training you. However, some pre knowledge is always good. You can read about some basic C, OOP and RDBMS concepts.
      – Regarding assignments, it depends on your interest. They can be really interesting if you like them.

  17. Hey..thanks a lot for your site its very useful…I just need to know if theres some procedure to be followed for getting accomodation during they give single rooms on first come first serve basis??
    Are you aware of any online procedures to be followed prior to joining for the purposes of accommodation??
    Thanks a lot for all your effort..

    1. – You need not worry about that as they will mail you everything you need to know before joining.
      – Regarding single rooms, all the boys get single rooms and for girls they offer both kind of rooms. Its hard to say when they offer what, but you can ask them at the time you are given hostel keys. Also, if there are friends with you, go together to get the rooms close to each other.

  18. hi…thanks for the above…
    i am having a little trouble figuring that i need my Pan no. before joining or i can have it done after my joining in mysore..i do have my passport and other things though..

    1. From what I remember, you can have your PAN card made after you join Infosys. Its better not to delay as it is one of the most important documents.

  19. Sir,
    I am a little concerned about the pay that i would be making during the training days…!!! So i was wondering if you could tell us the amount of money they deduce for the accommodation and others during training..!!!
    Thank you sir.

  20. Sir, I recently got placed in Infosys. I am from CSE.. I passed out with an aggregate of 72%… My joining date has been sent and its on 23rd January,2012@MYSORE.
    Till now it seems fine.
    But I have also been recruited by Cognizant(CTS). As i am 4m rural background, I have no proper guidance regarding which one to choose.
    CTS has not sent any mail yet. But the joining date could be within a month or two. Some say training at Infosys is really hard whereas at CTS its cool.. But some say Once you work at INFY and come back,you can have an added advantage..

    So I am obsessed with this issue ” which to join”?
    So I really need your assistance on this bro.
    please help me out…

    1. Infosys & CTS are both top level IT companies in India.
      It is true that Infosys Training is a benchmark in the world and a plus for your bio data if you plan to make a switch in the future.
      But your joining date is quite late and if you get joining from CTS within a month, it would be wise, not to waste about 4 months sitting without a job.
      However, if there is a small difference between the joining dates, you should better opt for Infosys.

  21. I have a few questions –
    1. Is there accomodation on campus for parents who come to drop the wards? If yes, how does one go about making reservation. If no, can you suggest any options (nearby hotels etc.)
    2. Are parents allowed to go in hostel?
    3. Are there any visiting hours?

    Thanks for your help.

    1. 1. No accomodation is provided for parents on the date of joining. There are some good hotels in Mysore where they can stay, like Peridot Inn, SRI Guru Residency etc. I think they will give this information in the mails they send you before joining.
      2. Parents are not allowed in the hostels.
      3. Parents can visit on weekends, Staturday and Sunday.

  22. 1..Sir, will it be a better idea to get into a small job like bpo till january and then move on to infosys ?
    2.. My parents say that you never get a second chance to infosys . Can you support my parents statement ?
    3..what will be the salary given to a trainee if he shares a room & if he does not ?
    4.. In my INFOSYS offer letter ,I was asked to log in to a site and click on accept/decline the offer. And I clicked on accept. Now as you said if I join COGNIZANT , will it be a problem ?

    1. Hi Jayanth,

      By clicking ACCEPT on the E-Joining form, you would not be bound to join Infosys. It is not a contract. You can decide whether you want to join or no until a week before the joining date. 7 days prior to the date of reporting, you would have to go through a lot of formalities. So, take your time.

      I would recommend that you go for a part time work and wait for Infosys. Infosys gives you a world class experience. I am a trainee who had to decide between Cognizant and Infosys too. I am Non-Cs employee and so far I have had good learning experience at Infosys Mysore Campus

      Ultimately, its ur shot. Think well before you choose. I would side with ur parents on this. Good Luck

  23. Hello demetra,

    1..You are from non-cs/it. right ?
    2..My dear friend , Is the training really that hard and exhaustive ? did you feel about the training ? Was it catchable ? Did you feel anything uneasy about the subjects ?
    3.. I also heard that the training period will be cutshort as per the company’s requirements . Would you please explain me about that ?
    4.. Did you have any prior knowledge regarding the subjects on which you were trained?
    5.. And my joining date is on 23rd January ,2012. Today Cognizant replaced Wipro in top 3 club. So will it be wise waiting for 5 months leaving cognizant behind ?

    Please help me out buddies … .

  24. wot if u dont have ur 8th sem marksheet as well as provisional degree at the time of ur joining … it ok then??

    1. You must have your provisional degree at the time of joining. Regarding marksheet, I think you may produce the internet copy till the time you get original, but please confirm this with the HR.

  25. Hello,i am joining infosys this coming sat.i am going to join the BPO section do you have any idea abt it.if yes what pl do let me know.

    Waiting for your reply


  26. helo sir
    Now the news that “recession bells are ringing ” is spreading like wild fire. My date of joining is on 23rd January.
    1..So will this effect my joining date?
    2..And in the period of recession , will the training be more tougher?
    3.. I dont have prior knowledge on dot Net & mainframes . So my friends suggested me to join any institute. This demands me to move to any city. But my financial status is not that good and my parents cannot spare money for this coching. However if thats necessary , they some how will manage . So is it better to join any institute ?

    1. Dont worry about these things. Infosys have even given joining during 2008 recession, so dont worry about your employment.
      Regarding training, you need not have any professional knowledge prior to training, as you can see they recruit non-CS students equally.
      They will train you for whatever requirement they have. Please dont waste money on any kind of IT course, its nothing more than pure wastage.
      If you really want to learn something, try reading some books on C, OOP and RDBMS, but they are optional.
      Also, before joining, this is totally free time which you will never get again, so utilize it either by preparing for any further studies or PSU exams, if you like. You may also practice your hobbies like learning guitar, music, dance etc.

  27. Hello Sir,
    I will b joining infosys on 9th Jan 2012..I
    have planned to do MBA in future and hav already given CAT last yr. and got average score. Now since my joining is in Jan ,i will get another chance for CAT this year in November.
    I want to ask u, shall i prepare for CAT this yr.
    If yes,then d results of CAT would b out in mid Jan…then would it b wise decision to leave infosys training based on d CAT results….or shall i continue with Infy…
    Plz help me out..

    1. You should definitely prepare for CAT. You have got ample time and believe me you cannot get a better chance to prepare for CAT again.
      If you get any IIM or any other reputed college, it would be easy for you to decide between Infy and MBA.
      All The Best.

  28. sir, im a Csc student n got selected in infy during campus selectn n my joinin is in nov 14th.however recently after dat somethng miserable mother demised unfortunately.i hav gt two younger bro’s to luk after.
    Nw d prblm is i cannot leave dem and stay away and stay at some other i require posting at my home location(bhubaneswar)at any some r tellin dat posting depends on business requirements n so we cant hav control over it.
    secondly i appeared for railway recruitment exam n got a job of clerical cadre which will be posting me nearer to my hometown.nw my relatives r telling 2 opt for dis govt job which is more secured dan infy(which is ofcourse my dream company).
    im really confused as to choose wat..pls help n suggest me in dis regard.if im joinin infy den i need 2 ensure dat im gettn posted at bbsr.hw 2 do dat?

    1. Under special circumstances, Infosys considers your request for posting at required location. Your case is likely to be one.
      But it is always doubtful whether you will get your desired location or not even after applying.
      However, in most of the genuine cases, I have seen people either posted to their desired location or even been transferred if they were posted somewhere problematic to them.
      But remember, still you will have to stay in Mysore for about 5 months of training in the starting.
      Regarding the government job of railway, it is highly secured, though it being clerical cadre will give you no exposure to real professional world. If you are enthusiastic engineer, you will also not be able to utilize your skills.
      But, if you think that after a few years your brothers will become independent and then you can follow your dreams, you should opt now for Infosys, live in Bhubaneshwar for a few years and then move forward in the corporate world which has never ending possibilities for aspiring people.

  29. thank you sir for ur response..
    But can i get an assuurance prior to my joining regarding posting at bhubaneswar?
    As u have mentioned here it is doubtful,so if i wont be get posting at bhubaneswar are den any transfer oppurtunities on a later stage?

    sir if u dont mind,can i have ur contact no,so dat i can discuss the whole matter wid u so as to come to a decision…else u can provide it in my mail id.

    1. Yes, you can apply and get transferred even after posting. In last two months, I have seen a few people who got transferred to their preferred location. There will be many others whom I dont know.
      But, there is no way to get assured about your posting location or transfer, though it happens mostly in all the genuine cases.
      Allocation is dependent on requirement and vacancy and if your preferred location is full at the moment, you may have to wait till vacancy is created there.
      However, you can contact the HR regarding this issue. May be he/she can give you any assurance.

  30. sir,can i know to whom can i write in now regarding dis issue as still some time is remaining prior to my joinin?i hav called up over d helpline no. bt couldnt get ne positive news.
    wat sort of documents do i need to share wid dem to provide as a proof?
    wen can i contact d hr?wont it b possibl prior 2 d joinin?

    secondly,i hav heard dat trainin is nt dat a csc student,im f9 wid most of d theory concepts bt slightly weak in programming..keepin in view d scenario ahead(may b recession ) again,can i sustain dere wid d pressure of posting as well?
    can u brief out wt all changes hav been made 4 dis session?

    1. You would be getting mails from Infosys. You can either reply to them and ask them whatever documents you need, or try finding out their mail address from the website. I have no idea about the procedure.
      Regarding training, as I have said before, it depends on your spirit and enthusiasm to learn.

  31. Dear Friends! I understand your anxiety before joining Infosys as I also went through it and that’s why I try to answer each and every query as per my knowledge and awareness. But I can only help you with what I have experienced in Infosys as an employee.
    A lot of questions are asked again and again which I have already answered. Please read all my replies before asking anything so as to avoid asking questions which I have already replied to others.
    And please, refrain from asking questions requiring “detailed procedures and content” as I am not into making those rules and procedures, and I cannot share Infosys content outside Infy network. Also, rules and procedures keep changing periodically. Therefore, for official inquiries, details, content, procedures etc., its better to contact HR directly.
    I hope my replies are useful to you. Have a great time!

  32. hello sir..m going to join iny on 22nd of august..i hv little knowledge about c,c++ and dot net..but i dont know i just wanna ask whether infy teaches everything from basics aur they teach us those things dat depends on their requirements..and is the training really very tuff?how to clear the training?

    1. Yes, they teach you from basics, though time span is short. The difficulty of training depends on your interest in learning new things.
      Also, I have already discussed this matter in some previous replies. Please read all my replies before asking anything so as to avoid asking redundant questions.

  33. Is the recession like condityion in the present economies in india, usa and uk going to effect on date of joining and jobs?
    I have my doj as Jan 09th 2012? Is my job secure?

    1. Though I believe that the current scenario is not going to have any noticeable impact on our jobs, still I cannot assure you about it.
      I think any research firm providing analysis on market trends may answer your query.

  34. Awesome blog and your replies have been helpful and really informative

    I have just 2 questions

    1) Are Saturdays and Sundays off??

    2) I was trying desperately to get into a good bschool, but unfortunately couldnt make it, I would be giving this year and have been seriously preparing till now, My date of joining has been 22 Aug and my cat is on 13th November, Sunday Bangalore(hoping to leave for it on sat), how much time do you think we can get minimum to minimum for preperation. I read your reply for Gre but just how much minimum time we get for ourselves, I dont aim to be a 5 pointer, and yes I am good in programming and have good knowledge in C/C++ and basic knowledge of RDBMS

    3) how many weeks does training goes?? like it starts on 22 Aug, reason asking my other exams are also in Bangalore starting from 27 Nov

    1. 1) Yes, Saturdays and Sundays are off.
      2) Well, I believe one can not dedicatedly prepare for any exam during training. However, if you are willing then you may find some time. As you are coming just after 2 days, you will soon know the situation.
      3) Training spans nearly 5 months.

  35. What salary do we get in hand during training?
    do we have to separately pay for the accommodation and food or it is directly deducted from salary?
    does infosys offer facility of accommodation once we are placed on job (i.e. after the training)?
    i want to know what exactly money i will save everymonthy, during training and post training.
    i am from mumbai and infosys has no office in mumbai.

    1. – Accomodation charges will be deducted from your salary. For food, you can pay and eat whatever you like.
      – After training, you are not provided any accomodation from Infosys. You have to arrange it yourself outside the campus.
      – I dont know about other cities, but you can save nice amount while living in Mysore. However regarding exact money, its your expenses that decide exactly what you are going to save.

  36. Hey thnx a lot for all the info…its really helpful..
    just had a query k if a person spends minimum during the training course i.e. only for d necessities and not the luxuries den how much vll he spend in all…can u plz specify a range of amount including accommodation, food, laundry etc….thnx 1ce again..

  37. i would like to know what type of accomodation is provided by companies to its employees.whearther its Rent Free Accomodation OR its House Rent Allowance.

    1. In Infosys, during training you get paid accomodation inside the campus. After that you have to live outside. Yes, as in almost every job, you get HRA.

  38. Sir,
    i read d post here sayin laptops are nt allowed, bt sme of my frnds said lapis r allowed in hostel n nt in gec..i need to get clear picture of dis as i need to decide whthr to tk my lapi wid me or nt as im frm delhi..

    2ndly do v hv test on day 1 of joining ?
    infi train us on generics also ?
    wats d way to get into fasttrck? v need to clear d exm on day 1 or
    v need to clear generics as dey teach us time to time.

    1. Laptops are not allowed inside the campus (both GEC and hostels are inside the campus).
      No test on day one. They will take test at the end of each module.

  39. Hi, my question is that whether we get printed hardcopy of books as studying material….if so …. are we allowed to keep it after the training or do we have to return it ?

  40. Sir, i am from bombay and currently in final year(BE).
    I have jus been recruited by infosys.would like to know
    1)wat is d salary during the training period..
    2)hw much is spend on food,housing & laundary..
    3)could you name a few reataurants in the campus cz i jus wana knw whether jain food will be available in the campus..
    Plz reply with my name as subject.

  41. Hello Sir, I am a CSE student from kolkata
    1) I have just heard about two new terms regarding Infosys training. Those are, fast track and slow track training. what these two process are? can you please explain everything that you know about these two things?

    2) what is probation period ? when does it occur? what is the purpose of probation period? what does employees do in this period? what is the salary in probation period?

    3) do i have to sign any bond to be an employee of Infosys? if yes, then what is the time span of bonding ?

    4) after successful completion of 5 month training period, does one become a permanent employee of infosys ?

    5) is there any soft skill development class at infosys campus during training period or later for people who are poor in communication in english ?

    1. Most of your queries will be answered if you read your offer letter.
      I dont know about fast track and slow track training. May be you are refering to the CS and Non-CS training. For CS, they previously had smaller training. Now I have heard that it is same for both (not sure).
      Yes, you will have Personal Skill Development classes.

      Updated: I came to know that they have started Fast Track training for those who score good marks in basic stage, thus reducing the duration of their training by skipping intermediate stage. I do not know if it is applicable for all the batches.

  42. Hi,
    My joining date to infosys is on 19th sept 2011 but due to knee injury i applied for extension saying my problem today.
    will they consider my request ?
    again when will they give new date for joining?
    does it make any problem?
    Please reply soon

    1. I dont know at what basis they extend joining date. But your extended date will be within the six months of previous joining date.
      I have seen many people extending their joining and they join later. Not a problem as such.

  43. I have a lot of websites with adsense enabled on them. Is it allowed to earn from adsense while working with infosys? My DOJ is 26 Sep, 2011.

  44. sir,

    I got the accomodation email today and it asks me to report on campus, on 4th march , before 9 pm. my doj being 5th march. however sir, i have the gd-pi process of the new iims, at bangalore till atleast 7:30 in the evening. would it be a huge issue, if i turn up on my DOJ (i.e. 5th march,early in the morning) or late night on 4th?

    i also have the interview for xlri on 25th march in jamshedpur. would i be able to get a two day leave atleast?.also, sir, is the training a little less hectic in the 1st two weeks? i am asking this, because that would leave me time to prepare for the XL interview.

    1. Hi Ayush,
      Prepare well and go for IIM GD-PI. Try to report in Infy on the night of 4th itself, with some genuine reason. Otherwise do inform them first about your reporting time.
      You will not have much workload for atleast a week or two, but you will get time only after working hours as you will be busy doing the joining formalities and undergoing induction.
      You will get leave if you give genuine reason to your manager (batch owner). It is not advisable to take leaves during training, however in your case, you must opt for urgent over important.
      All The Best for your GD-PI. If you convert the call, nothing else will matter.

  45. sir,i was selected in infy sep 2011, i m from non cs frnds frm cs IT r gettin training der,…and de r totally frustated by d work load.
    pls let me know some topics dat i can go through before the training.
    thanking u in advance..

    1. Although there is nothing much to study before training as they assume you to know nothing about programming. Still you can go through OOP and RDBMS concepts.

  46. Hello sir,

    I got selected in Infosys on Sep 2011.My final year will be completed by may 2012. Can you suggest me the tentative DoJ?

    1. Hey swati…well i got selected in sept. 2011..joinin date can prob. Be in nov or dec..(as i have learned frm my clg seniors).till then njoy n chill :p

  47. @abhineet
    on what basis are batches divided in infosys do people from same college are in same batch and is posting locations different for cs/it and non cs/it students??

    1. I have seen many patterns when it comes to distribution of batch. In some cases, all students from same college get the same batch. However, in some other cases, CS and non-CS students get different batches. To be specific, a batch means all the people joining Infy on the same date. So, one cannot make out a generalized rule for anything.
      Same follows for postings also. No generalized rule.

  48. Sir,whether Laptops Allowed Or Not…..In Some Sites Its Mentioned As Laptops Not Allowed And In Some Other Its Told As Laptops Are Allowed In Hostel Alone…Can U Confirm Me PLZ…

    1. Personal laptops are not allowed inside the campus since 2008. A few months ago, I heard that laptops were again allowed but could not get any confirmation. However, it turned out that may be they were allowed for the non-Indian trainees (no confirmation for that).
      So, do not bring laptop when you join Infosys as a trainee.

    1. It depends on your attitude towards it. If you are enthusiastic and take it as an opportunity to learn, it is one of the best experiences you are going to have in your life.
      And who told you that if you are from village, then training is tough for you? You are from village and even then you know to surf internet, read blogs, update Facebook etc. Being from village has nothing to do with it. You can do anything if you have desire.

  49. I joined infosys, as a trainee on 20th Feb, However due to some family problems, i had to take a leave and come back home, I took leave form 26th Mar to 7th Apr, i.e I will be joining back on 9th Apr. But now, I have decided that i dont want to join back, what reason can i give to the HR ppl?? Also note that, i haven’t signed the contract yet.

    1. As you have not signed the contract, you are legally not bound. But its a good thing thing that you are going to inform the employer rather than disappearing.
      Regarding reason, you can tell them that you are not leaving Infosys to join any other company. Make them sure that you are not going to do any job for some time. If you have any physical or emotional reason, you can mention it. I think that should be enough of a reason.

  50. hello…sir,
    your blog is really useful and a good one too,
    Am doing my final year degree in B.s.c.Computer science ,i got selected in infosys IT through campus drive conducted in january 2012,
    1. can u tell me when will i get my offer letter approximately?
    2.And how months of training will i be having, does the training for engineering and degree students differ..??

    1. 1. You should get your offer letter soon. Usually people get it before their final year gets over.
      2. Regarding the length and type of training, I am not sure about it as Infosys keeps changing the training pattern frequently.

  51. sir im doing final year and i got selected at infosys recruitment programme……… im belonged to non it branch ( civil engg ) shall i join infosys bcoz its an it company and others saying that training session was tough one and all…im interested to join infosys plz say is there is any filtering process at training session and is there any exam like board exams……….

    1. Hi Ram,
      Congratulations for getting selected in Infy!
      If you are interested to join Infosys and are enthusiastic to learn new things, then it does not matter whether you are from CS-IT branch or not. They will teach you everything from basics.
      Training is tough for only those who take it as a burden. If you love your job, you will love the training and the friends you will make at that time.
      Of course, there are exams which you have to clear but they are not CAT or IITJEE exams. They are just exams based on what they teach you in training. Just don’t worry and enjoy the training.

    1. Hi Priya,
      The salary will be mentioned in your offer letter. It may not be the same as I got during my training, as it may have incremented.
      Yes you may choose your roommates.

    1. It depends. Like the girls who joined with me on the same time were offered only shared rooms. However, few of my friends, who joined later in the night were offered the choice between shared and single rooms.

    2. Hi Abhineet , you are doing a great job helping everybody . I have some doubts,would be very nice of u if u cud reply … As employees , if after office hours ,we wish to work at our home outside the campus , can we do the same on personal laptops ? If yes , how can we link that data with Infosys , becoz all mails are tracked by CCD . If no , does Infosys provide laptops to it’s employees ? Or shall I ask , do we ever need to work for Infosys outside any DC ?

      Your reply shall be very much appreciated . Thanks a lot 🙂

    3. Prateek June 24, 2012 at 3:27 pm
      Hi Abhineet , you are doing a great job helping everybody . I have some doubts,would be very nice of u if u cud reply … As employees , if after office hours ,we wish to work at our home outside the campus , can we do the same on personal laptops ? If yes , how can we link that data with Infosys , becoz all mails are tracked by CCD . If no , does Infosys provide laptops to it’s employees ? Or shall I ask , do we ever need to work for Infosys outside any DC ?

      Your reply shall be very much appreciated . Thanks a lot

      Abhineet July 3, 2012 at 12:15 pm
      First you join Infosys and complete training. After that you will come to know everything.

      With respect to the above reply , i shall be glad to mention that i have already completed my internship in May 2012 and just have my PSD training left . Hence,i thought it wud be better if u could solve my quert as you are an employee … Thanks and Regards

    4. Its good that you complteted your training. But your query do not have a unique answer. It depends on situations including client policies, criticality of project, data sensitivity, job level etc. There is no single rule for that.
      Regarding your query, “how can we link that data with Infosys , becoz all mails are tracked by CCD”, I am not sure what you wanted to ask by this. Why are you worried about such technical details? If they want you to work from home, they will arrange it for you.
      Moreeover, there is much more than just “mailing” while working on a project. You always do not work on Infy network. You may have to work only on client networks with no access to Infy network at all. And client may not allow you to work from home.
      Some things cannot be just explained because they do not have a definite answer. You need to experience them yourself.

  52. thank u sir..
    i hav somee questions..
    1. is that salary account in icici bank before joining is required???
    2. assignment to be given will be in soft copy or hard copy??
    3. what will be the level of exams can an average student clear it with litlle effort or one has to work seriously hard??
    4. what will be the test pattern objective or descriptive??

    thank u….

    1. Hi Samrity! You’re welcome.
      Regarding your questions:
      1. ICICI bank is inside the campus and they will provide you a new bank account. So, you don’t have to worry about opening an ICICI account before joining.
      2. Everything regarding training will be in soft copy.
      3. Did you think same about your board exams? Most people clear exams, its the hard work which decides whether they score good, average or bad.
      4. Two types of exams are there:
      i) Objective (Theoretical Concepts)
      ii) Hands-On (Practical Exam, to write the programs etc., not theory)

  53. Hey Abhineet, nice to hear from you about Infy.
    Me along with some of my friends are selected for Infy this year through JKC.
    More or less, we are all having the one & only doubt is about the DOJ 😀
    This year totally 375 students selected thru’ Jkc.
    So do you have any idea about our DOJ or any suggestions will you like to give or spend few more important and interesting views about Infy, so that we feel comfortable during our training period.
    Do comment brOo…Have a happy lyf at Infy 🙂

    1. Hi Ankit,
      Congratulations for getting selected in Infy.
      As I have already replied to many others, DOJ cannot be predicted from my end.
      Regarding everything else, Infy training, for sure, will be one of the best experiences of your life.
      All The Best 🙂

  54. hi Abhineet,
    i would like to thank you for clearing everyone’s doubt so clearly..
    can you tell me if i am allowed to keep my bike at the Mysore dc….
    and are camera’s and tablet’s allowed..

    1. Hi Shubham, the pleasure is all mine. When I was joining Infy, I had the same curiosity.
      Regarding your question, yes, you can keep these things.

  55. hi abhineet, i got selected for infy in sep 2011. I want to know what is e-joining and how many days it may take to get DOJ after e-joining

    1. Hi Sreekanth!
      Congratulations for your selection in Infosys.
      As far as I remember, for e-joining, they will provide you some link with your credentials where you have to accept their offer.
      I do not really know if date of joining depends on e-joining as in my case, I got my DOJ before I got the e-joining link.

  56. hello abhineet, nice blog man, one question i want to ask what is the salary they pay for training period

    1. Thank you Srivathsa.
      Regarding salary, joinees get it mentioned in their offer letter. I am not aware of the current renumeration for trainees.

  57. hello sir,
    i am very much pleased with ur blog,really its a fantastic idea to reply to all queries
    sir my que is…i am unable to login into infosyscampus connect
    i am selected in august 2011 in my final year
    recently i got a mail from offer_update to send a passportsize photograph but i sent it late after a week due to some reasons i didnt check my i am nt sure that they have received it or not…….
    i am afraid that as i didnt update any profile regarding infy i may face problems to get joining letter
    one more que is i am from ece and i hav no idea of dbms or other related
    i hav nly basic idea of c and java
    shud i learn any courses to get along with training ………i am expecting my joining will be in sep or oct

    1. Hi Jeevana,
      Its my pleasure that you like the blog and found it useful.
      Regarding your query, you should contact them regarding your inability to login into the portal. Send them a mail or call the helpline.
      After reading many queries, I think, now they are first sending e-joining links and then the joining letter. If this is the case, I am not aware of whether not updating your profile would affect your date of joining or not.
      Your basic idea of C and Java is enough. You may learn further concpets if you like to utilize your time, but it is not a prerequisite for training.
      Avoid wasting money on any kind of programming course.

    1. Hi Sanyukta,
      It totally depends on the circumstances which include the project you are into, the business unit, your competence and the client.
      Though it is not a generalized rule, but going on-site for a non-US client is more probable than for a US client.
      But again, it depends on your circumstances. Generally, people at TA level (about 4-5 years of experience) get on-site opportunity.
      But even a 1 year experienced person can also get a chance depending on the circumstances.

    2. Thanks fr answering ma query:).. Also i wanted another advise frm yu.. I heard that in Infy they are keeping new recruits in Bench.. Is it true??..

    3. It depends on circumstances like availability of project, the business unit you are allocated to, your skillset etc. There is no generalized rule for that.

  58. Hello Sir!!!
    its really grt dat u’re handling dis much of queries.. i’m sure in ur clg life u wud hv gvn good viva..:D

    well sir i ws selected on 23rd of sep in 2011, i logged into infy portal dat is campusconnect. there is e-joining link. when we click on dat, v find e-joining vl b available by 15th june. i surfed net n found dat e-joining z done 30 dys b4 joining. does it mean r joining may b in july??

    n same ques as above, i also received mail to send photograph, what z dat for? did they miss r photograph or thr z ny othr reason??

    one more ques, i’m MCA student. thr z also syllabus on dat portal. shud v start studies?

    1. Hi Kavita!
      As per my college friends, college viva were termed as “5 minutes of legalized insult” where examiner would keep asking questions and we would keep sitting dumbstruck, not knowing what to say. You revived my college memories.
      Congrats for your selection in Infy.
      I am not sure if your joining date would be in July. For me, I got date of joining first and then got the e-joining link.
      Regarding studies, its all upto you if you want to utilize your time. For Infy Training, it is not a prerequisite.

  59. all selected studntd for infosys.. :).. for studnt’s query about joining.., i would like to tell u..i got selected in augst,2011..n jst got call 4 days back joining date wud be 13th augst..!!! so..u all can think about urs…;)

  60. i also hav one questn abhineet …, as i hav 2 mnths now before joining.., what should i do in between..? any….net..? i knw basic..c,c++,dbms..ds…!!

    1. Hi Deepak.
      This is a precious time one hardly gets in life after college, when you are not worried about job and you have 100% time to do whatever you want.
      Infy Training does not require any previous programming knowledge, but you can learn these things to utilize your time. You may practice your hobbies like learning guitar or whatever you want to do.
      Do not waste money on any programming course, Infy will provide you better training. In case you want to learn anything on your own, internet is a good source.

  61. thanks sir..for ur advice…:).., n i want to u mentiond.. persnol laptops r not allowd.., so do they provide persnl desktop in rooms..? is internet facilty free..?
    what about charges of gym, multiplexs, sports activities..?

    1. No personal laptops/desktops provided in the hostel rooms.
      Your account will have internet access in the evening and on weekends, ofcourse for free.
      Yes, there is also a paid internet facility inside the campus, I think Reliance World.
      For Gym, Sports, Multiplex etc. there are two membership cards which cover all the facilities, for total of Rs.450 per month.

  62. hiiiiiii sir,
    thanks 4 da reply
    u r r8 sir regarding viva as 5min legalised insult
    as u told i mailed to help line of campusconnect bt no response
    can u tell me other alternative to connect with infosys campus connect
    i have my infosys id num regarding the recruitment

  63. sir, i have got my offer letter and in that they didn’t mention about we have to pay for hostel from our gross salary and go we have to under any medical test. sir, can you help me

    1. They will tell you whatever you need to know in time. So dont worry.
      On your part, you can try to connect with other people who are joining Infy this year.

  64. hello sir,

    i got selected in infosys on 28th jan 2012, i got my letter of intetent, sir can i know what is offer refernce number? is candidate id and offer reference number the same??

  65. Hi Abhineet,

    My date of joining is 27th August, 2012. When I should reach the Infosys Mysore campus?on 26th or before? and do we get single or shared rooms?

    1. Infosys will send you all the information regarding the date on which you should report.
      Regarding rooms, boys get single rooms, while for girls, it may be shared or single.

  66. Hi Abhineet,
    I am BSc graduate and got paced to infosys in the month of February.I got my letter of intent on 9th may.So when can i expect my DOJ?Waiting for your valuable response.

    1. Hi Dayakar,
      Nice name. I like “Daya” from CID a lot. He can break open any door in the world.
      Jokes apart, regarding your joining date, I have mentioned so many times in my replies that I have no idea how Infy HR folks decide the date of joining for new joinees.

    1. Hi Akanksha,
      You have to report one day before date of joining, i.e. 23 September in your case. You will receive this information from Infosys.

  67. Hey.. its really fantastic to see you replying to all the quiries of the students.. hats off.. !!!!

    coming to me.. i was selected to infy as lateral ( 4+ exp ) and they gave me posting at mysore.
    1. i am from Hyd and need to relocate to Mysore :: so will they provide me any accomodation initially
    2. if yes, do I need to pay any?
    3. how da rents will be in mysore ( 2 bhk & 3 bhk )?
    4. I am joining as TA.. do u know what will be the expectations for that role in Infy?
    5. Do i need to do any certifications ( internal & external) post joining?
    6. i am supposed to join in sep … and they gave me DOJ with exact 90 days diff.. can that be extended to 10 15 days?

    Reply is highly appreciated..

    Thanks, KKK

    1. Thank you Kalyan.
      Actually when I was about to join Infy, I had similar curiosity like these people. So, I feel good to answer them.

      First of all, congratulations for being selected in Infy.
      Answers to your questions are as follows:

      1. Yes, they will provide you one week accomodation in Infosys Guest House when you can search for a house in the city.
      2. It is free of cost.
      3. Rent in Mysore is way lower than Hyderabad. When I was in Mysore, I got a nice 3-BHK house in 7k (which was actually considered expensive as per the local rate). But dont expect apartments, you will get simple, old style independent houses in Mysore. Rent may have increased a bit by now.
      4. I am not sure I can give you an efficient answer for this question. It can be better explained by HR folks.
      5.Yes. You need to clear certifications as per Infosys Policy.
      6. Sorry. I have no idea about date of joining related issues. For freshers, it can be extended on account of medical condition, but I am not sure about laterals.

  68. Thank You very much sir for your reply!!
    My DOJ is 11th march 2013..
    dnt knw, shud i b happy or sad fr late joining..:(

    well can i go for any certification lyk oracle.. or C-DAC diploma program in the mean while?? or teaching in ny institute?

    1. Kavita,
      You can go for certification, or prepare for any higher study or PSU job exam. Teaching is also a good idea.
      Whatever you do, just try to utilize this time. This is the most precious time when you can completely focus on what you want to do. So, dont let it get wasted.

    2. Thank u Sirji again..:)
      bt as much as i knw, PSU exmz r fr B-Tech students,nt for MCAs..
      i’m thinking abt teaching n certification.

      Thnk u a ton for your valuable suggestions..:)
      Thank You very much!!

    3. N yes thnk u for reminding me “5 minutes of legalized insult” ..:D
      recently one of my senior used these words in frnt of me,den i came to know..:D these wrds r really so nice, bt i came to knw wen i hd cmpltd my studies…:P..:D

      So my ques is- is thr such viva at the tym of generic or on other steps of training? or only written exmz..?

  69. Hello Sir,
    Your blog is really helpful.. 🙂
    I have a question… are we allowed to carry laptops to infy training and use only in our hostel rooms?

  70. Any idea about how to find accommodation before date of joining from other city? My DOJ is 13th Aug. and one more bike allowed in campus? i just heard not allowed so wanted to confirm..Thnx in advance

  71. Hello Sir,

    1. I would like to knw smthng abt the training centre at are the facilities over there.
    2. Wil the training be startd on the vry nxt of the date of joining.

    Eagerly waiting fr ur rply..:)

  72. Hi Abhineet,

    I joined Infy on 20th feb, I took a leave 4 a week in march end, it ws approved, but when I wanted to join back, the HR ppl said, there r no batches available for me to resume training, and I will have to stay on LOP until new batches arrive….I wanted to ask,
    1. Will this period be counted and included in my experience letter when I leave infy?, even if I fail to complete training successfully.
    2. When can I be called back?

    Also its been almost 3 months that I am forced to stay on LOP, ive forgotten almost all the concepts, and am yet to give an exam, for the programming module to be completed. Can I request them to allow me to join from start.

    Thanks…plzz do reply

  73. hi sir,
    i got offer letter from infosys on 22nd june bcs result is declared & i got 1st doj is 23rd july shud i wait for their another letter/email or whr shud i contact them ?
    their immediate letter will help me in getting railway booking from pune to mysore.
    thanx.waiting for ur rply.

  74. Hi Ahineet,
    This is Daya.I got my joining date as October 15th as operational executive-trainee.I would like to know career growth for this role.Though career growth depends on individuality,i would like to know opportunities…pls help upon that…….

    1. Hi Ally,
      Keep in touch with the HR.
      You will get an experience letter even if you fail in training. I am not sure if LOP period will be counted in that.
      You will be called as soon as they find a new training batch in which they can accomodate you.
      If you want to join the training from generic, you need to clearly communicate with the HR.

    1. If you in a group of 2-3 people, then the best way is to take a cab from Airport to Infosys Mysore Campus.
      However, you can also use public transport. First take Vayu Vajra Airport Shuttle to Bus stand/Railway Station in Bangalore (~50 kms), then from there, take a bus/train to Mysore (You will get buses for Mysore from Mysore Satellite Bus Stand), then in Mysore, from City Bus stand, take local volvo bus to Infosys Mysore campus.
      Note: Above services may have changed by now. Check the official websites of these services for updated info.

  75. Hi…… I got letter of deputation 2 days before in which they have mention date of joining at Mysore tanning center as 27th August 2012 so now what preparation i am suppose to do before moving to Mysore , will company provide me train ticket from my location to Mysore or i will have me arrangement for that and will they send me any mail before joining at Mysore or this depletion letter is last mail ? ? ? ?

  76. I got deputation letter with date 27th August 2012 to join at Mysore is this final date or there are chances that they can postponed my training date ? ? ? ?

  77. hi sir,
    i got my doj on oct15th 2012, in the above u have replied to others that it is not necessary to learn any computer courses as infosys trainng will provide us with the same….sir am a . computer science graduate and i have learnt computer languages like c,c++, .net and all theoretically.
    Now my problem is that am not gud at writing programs on my own, and there will be practical tests in the training .what should i do ??
    And i even got news that computer science background students are given less importance in the training than those of non computer science background …Is it true..?

  78. Hello sir,
    i got offer letter and joining date as operations executive level 2 on 15th April 2013.sir can you pls let me know about the syllabus and about the job description.please reply me

  79. R/Sir,I am placed in Infosys through campus placement 2011 and my Date of Joining is in May 2013. Due to some financial reasons,I have some issues with my College which are unfair now they are threatening me that they will ask Infosys to cancel my offer Letter giving any uneven reason to them if i don’t fulfill their unfair demands.Can this thing affect my relation and placement in infosys?Please Reply….as soon as possible

  80. Hi Abhineet,
    I am travel writer from Bangalore. I have noticed that a number of youngsters from outside Mysore are posted to Infosys Mysore and would love to have information about Mysore and the surrounding areas liike Coorg, Bandipur etc. I also noticed that you answer quite a few of these queries. I have recently brought out a ready-reckoner and guide book “Destination Mysore- Yoga and more”. It is currently available on Amazon Kindle as an ebook. I do believe that this will be of immense help to those non-Mysoreans coming into your campus.I This link will give you a glimpse of the book.

    Here’s hoping a that a lot of youngsters find it useful.

    1. Hi Mrs. Krishnamurthy,
      I wish you the best for your book and I hope it will be helpful to people visiting Mysore, especially Infosys Trainees.

  81. hi,
    my doj in infy mysore is 19 nov’12…due to some unavoidable reasons i won’t be able to join it on 19 nov….bt i don’t want my offer to be cancelled or would be convenient if get my joining after 1st dec’12….i don’t want it to be further postpone.. i am really messed up..plz suggest something…how to manage this…and if this is not possible then is there any way of getting leave from 30 nov to 2nd dec after joining on 19 nov..plz help!!!!!!

    1. You can extend your joining date. I remember there was a provision for this at my joining time. It should still be there. Yes you may get leave during training, but you may miss a exam, if scheduled during that period.

    1. Hi Renju,
      The hiring is done by a different department and production people are not aware of it. May be someone from HR department may answer your question.

  82. Hi,
    Your blog is so popular. Random search on google leads me here. Do you have any idea is there any mosque (masjid) near infosys campus. I have never ever been to mysore.
    Your quick reply would be appreciated.

  83. hi
    my question is that after the training i want not to get any project because i want to prepare for gate.
    so in which DC i need to apply
    & during training time is it necessary that i need to regularly visit my DC for my attendence and waste my day without any work.

    also i would like to know
    Q2)WHAT WILL BE MY SALARY AFTER TRAINING IF I WILL BE ON BENCH? THEY WRITTEN THAT”your monthly Total Gross Salary will be a maximum of Rs. 27,084″

    1. Getting a project is usually in not your hand.
      There is no DC where you can get guarantee of no work.
      Yes you have to maintain 9:15 hours even if you are on bench.
      Irrespective of whether you are on bench or in project, your salary will be the same.

  84. sir
    few doubts more arises in my mind .since i am also from UP(lucknow)so u could solve my problems.
    1)how to reach mysore .i want to go in plane .but there is no direct flight from lko to mysore .so i have to go for lko to banglore flight .now from banglore to reach mysore cost me around 1500 in taxi .which is huge amount for me .so can u tell me how and by which mean i can get mysore cheaply.

    2)i want to know which type of formal clothes i have to take with me .give me details about dress code for boys plz .i want to take my clothes from it would be cheaper compare to banglore.

    CONCLUSION:yes i m miser person .i want to save my money …..hahahah


  85. I ave the follwng queries:
    1.Should d servce agrmnt be notarisd bfr gong mysore or wil it b done @ mysore..?
    2.Whch al originl docmnts need t b submittd on 1st dy f joing mysore..?
    3.Shld we register @ national skill regstry bfr gong mysore..?
    4.I av submittd ma s3 old marksheet t get new s3 marksheet wit updated mark cauz i av imprvd 1 subjct f s3..Bt i av nt yet receivd d new s3 mrksheet..But i ave a attesttd cpy f d old s3 mrksheet..S wil it be ok t give d attstd cpy of old s3 marksheet instd f d new s3 on joing mysore.

    1. 1. At my time, I got agreement after reaching Infosys and it was notarized there only.
      2. They will just verify your documents.
      3. It was there during my joining. Should be the same even now.
      4. I think it should work. But contact Infosys to confirm.

  86. Hi,
    I am undergoing online program and DOJ is 18march13.Actually at the time of interview I wrongly entered my name and so was printed on offer letter.Is there any facility to change name at time of joining.
    Also specify how joining procedure on that date.

    1. It depends on the stream allocated to you. However, in general, if you have good knowledge of one programming language, it becomes easier to learn other programming languages.

  87. Hi Abhineet, thnk u so much for ur postings. Ihav placed in oct 2011 and doj is on 5th Aug 2013. I’m so excited to be in Infy at the same time tensed. Anyway ur postings helped me a lot. Really a lot of thnx.

  88. Thank you so much and i’ll get back to u if i hav any queries reg infy. ofcourse your previous replies answered all my questions and the last query is, i don’t hav a passport, will they allow me into the training process without having passport.thnx in advance

    1. Yes, there is a provision where you can join Infy without passport. As far as I remember, they will ask you for proof that you have applied for passport and you will have to undergo police background check in Mysore.

  89. Hello sir,
    I have been selected for infosys on 10th Nov 2012.
    I want to know that is there any medical test being done by infosys prior to the joining.If Yes, what are they?

  90. hey abhineet thanks alot for this.. you cleared most of my doubts… but still some are remaining.. can u help me..
    1) whether we can cook of our own? i.e is gas available in rooms?
    2)do we also have off during public holidays and big festivals like diwali etc..
    3)if we r not allowed to take our own laptop do v hav our own PC in room?

    1. 1) No, you cannot cook in hostels.
      2) Yes, you will have holidays as per normal holiday list.
      3) At my time of training, personal laptops and PC were not allowed. Scenario should still be the same.

  91. can u plz elaborately say me abt d hostel nfood facilities out der..??
    do dey charge for hostel n fooding..??

  92. If I get posted in some other branch of Infosys for the probation period which I haven’t mentioned in the preference, can i leave the company without paying the compensation amount?

  93. sir

    my DOJ is 22 april ,on 2 april i recevied mail from infy saying that u have to reach on gate no. 2 on 21 april from (pam to 1 pm ).they also mentioned that 9pm is the last checkin time .but since i booked my ticket 1 month earlier so i will be reaching bangalore airport around 3:20 on 21 april (day before joining).and then from airport to mysore i think it will take 4-6 hrs .so what will happen “if i reach infy after 9 pm ” .they will allow me entering campus or not.

    reply soon as i will be joining 22 april ………

    1. As you cannot change your flight at this point of time, you should convey this to HR and ask them to allow you to enter the campus at that time..

  94. Hi abhineet. Thank u so much for answering all our questions with a lot of patience. Our college is registered with Infosys campus connect program and we didn’t undergo any training during our B.Tech. Does it shows any effect on us? Please rply me. Thnx in advance.

  95. Thnx for ur kind rply. My doj is on 5th Aug 2013. Usually how many days before can i get the mail from infy regardng the medical tests and pre-joining requisites. Pls rply me. Thnx in advance.

  96. Hello sir,
    I got placed in Infosys as System Engineer and DOJ is June 2013. Its told I would under go an online training for few months before going to Mysore campus. Will there be an online training or I would join Mysore campus on the specified date.

  97. What are the rules for outing…
    For how long Can I be out of the campus…??
    After the days training, I mean after 7:00 pm in the evening. for how long can I be out of the campus?
    What are the rules?
    Can I be out of the campus on weekends (whole saturday & sunday)and be back on manday morning ??
    Please tell me all the rules related to outing from Infosys Mysore Campus?

  98. Hey my joining is on 23rd sept and i m frm delhi,
    i vl have to come back to delhi on the next weekend for an exam,
    do i need to take permission from them if i leave campus on saturday and will come back on monday morning before classes start.(i vl be attending classes on monday)

    1. It’s my pleasure. Even I have left Infy, it is still close to my heart as it was my first job.
      Thank you for the appreciation and All The Best.

  99. hello. Will Infosys stop me from joining if i do not have a passport and i havent even applied for it. because, i ve got mistakes in few documents. im ready for the background check but as u said, u must give a proof that u have applied for passport, im worried if they ll stop me from joining. pls clarify this doubt.

    1. I am not sure what they will do in your case. It is advisable that you contact them and make them aware about the situation. They may give you an alternate solution.

  100. dearsir,
    my son ICE completed 2013.he got a offer letter from infosys position system engineer.but my son not like to joining infosys.he said this job not related his course.his friends also advice him not joining infosys.his decision correct or not.please advice me comments,i think grammatically more mistake.sorry sir.

    riyadh thanking you sir

    1. Dear Hassan,
      I personally believe that it does not matter from which stream you belong because ultimately a person ends up doing a lot of different things and develop new interests in life. However, if he has a particular interest in his engineering branch, then he should pursue a career in that.
      But there is another problem. Job scenario is quite bleak these days. In case he has only this job, it may be a huge risk to give up this job and end up having nothing.

    1. Can you drink outside the campus and come back?

      Shouldn’t it be pretty easy to sneak a small bottle inside?

  101. My reporting time is 4pm-6pm. Bt i will reach mysore station only by 5.30… is that k if i reach 30-60mins later than my reporting time???… will they excuse me??

    1. Yes, hostels are safe for girls.
      Boys and girls cannot go to each other’s hostels.
      Inside campus, I have not heard any instance of misconduct with women.
      Infosys has very strong policies to ensure women safety.

    2. are teachers and staff nice to girls??
      any kind of molestation??
      girls have to wear formals or suits in d campus??

    3. Yes. they talk nicely to girls.
      No molestation.
      You have to wear formals during class timings on Monday to Thursday. Apart from that, no restriction of wearing formals.

    1. Boys and girls cannot go to each other’s hostels.
      You can only study in class rooms and labs as everything (study material, slides etc.) is on computers.
      In case you want to work at night, there is a 24-hour open computer lab and library.

  102. well i cleared the campus drive of infosys.. which means i am eligible to attend the training at mysore. what i want to know is about the extra curricular activities at mysore… like do we have football matches or tournaments, and other sports activities

    1. Yes, you will find a plethora of extra-curricular activities in Infosys Mysore. I hope you will find time to pursue at least one or two of them.

    2. i have the same ques as my namesake…
      and from your answer am i to assume that hardly there wud be time to pursue our ECA interests???

  103. Sir
    Can you please tell me what compensation I have to pay if I choose to quit Infosys after training. I have heard that you have to pay the whole stipend you got during the training. Rumors are also there that you have to pay 1.5 Lac. !!!

    1. sir is there any amt we have to deposit along with the bond we have to sign? if yes what is the amount?

  104. Hi Abhineet,

    First of all I would like to thank you for responding to the concerns of the new joinees.

    My brother got placed recently, and during medical test,it was observed he is having Hepatitis B infection. It normally takes 5-22weeks to recover completely.
    Will Infosys consider this and extend the joining date to facilitate the same.


  105. Hi Abhineet

    i have attended the infosys interview on march 2 2014.They asked me to mail my scanned original certificates to i recived an acknowledgement from them.when will i accept a call from them as they dint intimate me anything in my interivew.

  106. Is there different package for the candidates who r selected through referral drive…?
    Is there any advantage…for referral candidates?

    1. I do not think those candidates are at any advantage. Only benefit is to the person who referred someone and he or she got selected. In this case, there is some monetary benefit for that employee.

    1. Yes you can take your parents but accommodation needs to pay by yourself for your parents.

  107. I am joining infy this may. but i havent applied for passport yet. take if i had applied now, my appointment date would be way after my joining.So, i would not be able to make it for the passport interview.. but .. Can I apply with residence address as infys address, and choose a passport office at mysore for appointment… When they say ‘atleast a proof of application of passport’ , do they really mean this , when returning back to home town is impossible.. Please help me with this..

  108. is their any possibility of extending the date of joining?I have my doj on 8th dec and my real sister’s marriage is on 18th dec.. i am the one making all the arrangements for the marriage.. what r the chances of extension in my doj??

  109. Sir, I have got placed in infy in my ug but due to some personal reasons I was unable to get over der nd Nw I’m pursuing my ME. Will I be able to join Infosys with my old call letter… I’m about to finish my course by 6 months.

    1. Infosys usually recruit through campus placement drives. If you are an engineering student, you can get this opportunity if Infosys visits your campus for placement drive or you can look out for some off-campus placement drive of Infosys.

  110. Is there any possibility that extending joining date? My joining date is 27 th jan… I was waiting for result from infy.. But during that period i got call from other company I joined that company and its notice period is 3 months…

  111. Hi abhineet

    My daughter got selected in the seoffcampus referral drive! She and her friend both got selected but they have got different dates of joining! Is there a possibility for them to get the same date of joining! Since we are really keen on both of them joining together. Pls reply asap!

  112. hai sir,
    i got selected on 11th of sep,2014…i hav some questions..
    1.Do they allow our own two wheeler(bike) vehicle inside the campus?
    2.When can i expect my doj?
    3.ipad are allowed?

    plzz do reply

  113. Hello,my DOJ of infy for training is 27 Jan 2015. I want to extend it. What valid reason I can give to them? Do I have to send them my medical reports if I request extension based medical exigencies?
    Please help me with proper guidance.

  114. hello sir,
    I dont know whether u have already answered this quetion or not. If so please forgive.. My doubt is… I got my doj as 27th jan 2015. but i have ibps po interview on 29th jan. I wanted to attend that. do u have any idea that there is any possibility of granting me leave immediatly after 2 days of joining if i provide a valid reason. or is it better to extend my joining. if extend my doj after how many days will get new doj. and i know that there is huge recruitement now and even now interviews are going on….

  115. Hi Sir,
    Your comments have been very useful.
    However I have some doubts. I had gotten placed in Infosys and am eager to join. I am currently in my 8th semester in Chennai and have got a Final Sem Internship program offer form Infosys.
    1. Will there be any delay or issues regarding my actual training offer letter arrival if i decline this internship and do not show up.
    2. If i do accept this internship, will I be allowed to go back weekly to my college in Chennai to complete my final sem project and internal examinations?
    Awaiting a reply pls. Thank you!

    1. Glad to know that my comments are useful to you. Regarding your question, I have limited knowledge about internship program as I joined Infosys full-time after my graduation.

  116. yesterday I got selected in Infosys for training at mysore in an offcampus recuitment drive.. bt me and my frndz didn’t receive any mail or offer letter from… will u plz tell me when will receive it….

  117. Hi Abhineet,
    I’m an ex employee of infosys. i want to rejoin in the company. Is there any possibility to rejoin? could you please tell me the procedure for rejoining?

  118. I dont have any passport with me now.and the joining date is 22Feb,2015, I have submitted my application for the passport but I am getting the appointment of 5March the copy of the application enough for now?

  119. i took part in the offcampus recruitment held on 22nd and 23rd jan,2015 at punjabi university,patiala and was selected there. On monday all my other mates who got selected recieved an email from infosys but i hadnt.. will u plz tell me what will b d rsn for delay….

    1. They may be sending emails in batches and you may get it subsequently. However, if you have any doubt, try contacting the HR.

  120. Sir
    I got offer letter mentioned 9 February as date of joining. But due to some personal I had requested to HR for extension. They replied I will get another date at earliest. But still waiting when will I get my date of joining.

  121. hello sir,i got selected at infosys in jan2015. Recently i received an email regarding my login and passwordin elwhich the date mentioned is wrong i.e. 12&13 june 2014 instead of 22&23 jan,2015 for which my status showing is ‘not selected’… what will be the rsn for ths and will it effect my placement?

    1. Try finding out the helpline number or email id mentioned during or after your campus drive. You can also try emailing them on the official id mentioned on their website.
      I do not work for Infosys anymore and this is not an official channel of Infosys. I can only help you with what I experienced being a part of Infosys.
      I hope it helps.

    2. I have emailed them a week ago.. I haven’t got any reply.. Moreover I have called them bt I haven’t got any response ????????

  122. sir do u knw in which shifts (months) they call to join.??i ws selected in jan which mnth cn i get the joining date??

  123. Sir, i was selected for infosys in 2014 during campus placement. However, due to personal problems i could not join. Now i wish to join again and attend the training in June. Does infosys off campus for freshers take place during april? if yes, when do they join for training?

    1. I am a graduate from non cs background…will my training be tough??my package is 2.19 L,how much will i get in hand during training..??and what will be my job designation

    1. It is difficult during training as you get little time. But yes, you can utilize weekends. Where there is a will, there is a way. 🙂

  124. I am a graduate from non cs background…will my training be tough??my package is 2.19 L,how much will i get in hand during training..??and what will be my job designation

  125. Sir,
    i got my doj in may 18 2015,
    i want to extend my doj, as i want to clear one arrear paper,
    what is the procedure to extend my doj?

  126. Hallo sir i have selected at infosys in december 2014 & I got login details also but no further updates receive. its now end of may

  127. Im a bcom graduate and i have got selected for infosys in may 2015 how long will be my training in mysore and do they provide any food accomodation…

  128. Sir, i am placed at infosys, and jot offer letter from infosys to join as systems engineer trainee., with this i have to sign an agreement of 1 year. I wanted to know that can i get job in delhi ncr after that 1 year period. As many people are saying that there is no IT jobs in delhi.

    1. Work in Infosys for 2-3 years and then switch to a company which has presence in Delhi NCR like Cognizant, HCL, Wipro etc.

  129. hi sir, i have got selected in infosys bpo as system engineer trainee……but unfortunately i have got arrears in my final semester…. will it affect my placement in infosys????? am so worried ..pls help me with this issue

  130. Sir, what about the salary and accommodation charges like food charge or etc.. What about charges for accommodation if parents come to stay!???

  131. sir i got selected for operation executive in infosys on 3 & 4 feb.. i got my offer letter on 22 june 2015.. but i didn’t receive my doj yet but my few friend already receive doj i.e. 5 oct .. on 28 July..

  132. Hi sir…my doj is 26th Oct but m quite anxious these days about whether I wud be able to sustain infy training as I am from non it background..moreover I am all alone…plz reply!

    1. I think you can raise a request to stay in the Guest House, if available. They may charge daily rent for that.

  133. i have one question, after training if a person doesn’t get the project that he wants and if they put u in like tech support team and all what is your life after 2 years ? means when u left infosys this thing can spoil our career ?

    1. Allocation to project is mostly random. Work hard/smart and you will make your career no matter which project you get.

  134. hi sir,
    how to clear the training process….im from non -IT. is there any pre work is necessary before the training period.i have 4 months of span before training.can u plz share ur valuable information..plz

  135. My daughter is a 2015 passed out, she attended a off-campus interview on December 18th 2015 with 2016 batch. will they call 2015 students first or along with 2016 batch? and when will she receive the call letter?

    1. As per logic, they should first call 2015 batch students. However, nobody can be sure about this other than Infosys HRs. 🙂

  136. completed my mysore trainning now posted at bangalore, now what is the procedure , can i go to my home town, what is the accomodation facility at bangalore , please explain if you can

  137. Hello sir I got recruited for Infosys in 7th sem and I am from vtu karnataka. As i am a diploma student I need to clear two non credit subjects m1 and m2.will Infosys consider this noncredit subjects as backlog?????

  138. Hai sir,,. I was recently selected in INFOSYS.., I am from electrical background. I have only knowledge about c language,, I don’t have any idea about java or any other courses. please tell me that any pre-work is needed before joining?

    1. Nothing is needed for campus recruits. They will give you training.
      In case you want, you can study C, C++ etc. but its not mandatory.

  139. can i ask infosys to extend my doj by four months by giving valid medical reason?is there any chance of canceling my offer due to this?

    1. Valid medical reasons were acceptable during my time to postpone the joining date. Until and unless you are skipping the joining date or failing the background check, there should not be any reason for cancellation of offer.

  140. Hello sir,
    I would be joining infy this november, i’m a btech graduate, i want to do masters, i have interest in technology, want to do MS( AI or IOT or Big data) but the fee is a big constraint, is the MS from Bits worth ?
    Or if i go for MBA( dont have as such any interest, but the scope after mba fascinates me ;p ) ?
    What should i do ?
    Join infy and study side by side ?
    Or what?

    1. This is very subjective and totally depends on one’s preferences. Only pursue what you really want to do.
      If you like MS, go for it. Regarding fees, it is very high for MBA as well.
      But if you get a good college (either for MBA or MS), education loan would not be a problem.

  141. Sir i am placed with infosys and my training is in january also my CAT is on 4 DEC. i want to know if i can prepare for my interviews of MBA at MYsore Campus as i want to attend the infy Training and then go for MBA from july.

  142. Okay so my question is totally out of the topic, but yea just wanted to get an idea of it, what’s with the fashion show yu talked about? Yu were one of the red tags. Soft skills is it? ? Is it mandatory for everybody to take part in it? As in the various kinds of ice breaker sessions. Do reply.

  143. sir ,
    can u tell me when exactly the joining dates (min & max ) will be for tier-2 college student with 77 % aggregate.
    b’coz i need to undergo lasik operation before joining …?

  144. HI sir,
    I am vidya i have completed B.E so i want to work ur company.
    i am interest work ur company so plz guide me sir.
    thank u sir

  145. Sir i have been placed at infosys as an operation executive level 2 in 2016 and i have completed my graduation in the month of july 2017. So until when should i expect my doj and also let me know what will be my job description if possible.

    1. Im Geetha even i got a job in infosys with the same designation and passed out my graduation in July 2017….. i have a same query kaushik as per my knowledge i came to know that operation executive may include both technical and non technical stuff ….. sometimes there are even possibilities of pushing us in bpo sector…but all these are imaginery dont come to a conclusion try check out some websites

  146. hi sir,
    I am also currently working in Infosys ltd. It has been only three months since I joined as a systems engineer and further I want to go for MBA . Kindly assist me how to prepare for it along with my job. The aim is to crack it till 2018 CAT.

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