Two years in Infosys…

Two years ago, on this day, I embarked on a journey, a new professional life in Infosys. And today, after two years, when I look back, I am quite happy with the people I met, the friends I got, the knowledge I gained, the skills I developed and the places I visited due to my job.

Life is all about a change. It is something we love and hate at the same time. It is something we desire and withdraw from, simultaneously. Just like the last day of college, I was sure I was going to miss my friends, and I wished I could live that moment forever, but at the same time I was quite excited to start my professional life and wanted the Infosys joining day to come as soon as possible. It seems weird, but on analyzing it, we realize that things are so much complicated.

This state of complication is not what we observe everyday. It happens only when we witness a change in our life. Till then, we do not realize the importance of what we have. We take things for granted. I remember, during my Infosys training days, I never loved my training life. I was living it with fun, but still not appraising it. I was only looking forward to the end of it so that I can run out of it as fast as I can and work as a software developer. I was in love with the future which was unseen but yet seemed perfectly fitting my dreams and imagination. But when I realized that it is about to be changed, I experienced the complication. I started missing my training life, and to date, I do feel the same.

So, we keep missing the past and future life, but when we love and appreciate the present life? When is the moment when we sit and adore the beauty of our present life? Well I think, I found the moment for me. On this second anniversary, chatting with my Infy training friends made me feel nostalgic, but brought me closer to my present life. Out of all the things I got in these two years, this feeling is the best.

5 thoughts on “Two years in Infosys…”

  1. Got a testing stream at infosys, what impact will it have on my career growth ? And after two year where I will belong compared to the friends who got developer stream ?

  2. I am a student from non-ITbackground. I am from EEE. I got selected in september 2011 for infosys. I have taken things very casually, landing myself here. I don’t have any other choice right now.

    I loved programming in my 1st and 2nd year programming labs. That’s when I thought of going in this field. I do read blogs about infosys very often and I discovered that most of the people have their say negative about infosys. I am a little worried down here as where am I leading to. Please guide me.

    I am ready to do hard work. At the same time, to make some quick money too. Is infy a better prospect tome?

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