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My first job, Infosys

Getting the first job is an experience which cannot be explained in terms of words. Its something which makes you feel as if have got wings, you can fly as higher as you wish. I felt the same when I got my first job while being in college. Getting first job in Infosys was a win-win situation for me, going through a world class training experience and that too while getting paid.

Getting the first job is an experience which cannot be explained in terms of words. Its something which makes you feel as if you have got wings, you can fly as higher as you wish. I felt the same. I couldn’t sleep that night, read whatever I could find about life at Infosys Mysore campus.

Finally the day came when I joined Infosys along with some of my friends and hundreds of others. We were allotted hostel rooms where we had to stay for the training duration. When we were taken to the hostel buildings, I got the chance to have a glance at the amazing campus which I dreamt for so many months. I was finally here, Infosys Mysore.

I got room on the 5th floor. The room was awesome, one room per person with all the facilities like huge king size bed, big LCD TV with cable connection, study table, chair, bedside tables, bedside reading lamp, a sofa with table, table lamp, electric cattle, cup, spoon, big cupboard, electronic locker, laundry bag and a very nice attached bathroom with a life-size mirror. There was a large sliding window, with beautiful double curtains, in the room which gave a nice view of a small pond behind my hostel building.

There were two families of different breeds of ducks which kept quacking and playing in the water. Sometimes in the morning I used to find the white mother duck shining in the morning sunlight, crossing the road followed by four small cute ducklings which used to walk in a perfect rhythm. I found a variety of beautiful birds playing around and amazingly they didn’t fear from human. They knew it’s a safe place for them.

Infosys Mysore campus is made like a small city with greenery all around. Walking here in such a peaceful environment makes you feel so good that you forget everything else. Many times in the evening I used to walk around the campus enjoying the scenic beauty and the peaceful life.

The first week was complete introduction to Infosys. We had a variety of sessions by all the departments of Infosys, even had a security demo for disaster management. It was all done in a big multiplex where they showcase movies on weekend. Most of the paper work was completed in the first week itself. Practically we had enough time to explore the campus in the evenings and we did it riding on the bicycles parked at various places in the campus.

On the fourth day of our joining, we had a DJ night. We kept dancing until it was over. We all were highly motivated by now and slowly realizing the way of life we were going to spend for the rest of our lives.

After the boring day-long sessions of first week, we were finally allotted classrooms and computers. All the friends were separated, and it was for the good reason. We were going to make a lot of new friends, but we didn’t realize that some of them will become friends for life.

A great thing about Infosys training is that people come from all the possible places around the globe, not only from different states, but even from different countries. In our batch, we had great diversity. You can estimate it from this: I am from Uttar Pradesh. Around me used to sit people from Punjab, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Haryana, Kerala, Bihar and Jharkhand. I made friends from even West Bengal, Rajasthan, Goa and Maharashtra. This was possible only because of the huge diversity of people and surprisingly we all fitted together seamlessly. It was amazing experience and gave me friends which will stay close to my heart forever.

Another good thing about Infosys training is that during training, we were considered strictly as students and had to study as if we were in a college. One of my friend rightly said that it should be considered as the ninth semester of B.Tech. But where on earth you get paid for studying? It happens in Infosys. We were getting paid for studying, for performing nicely. It was a win-win situation for us, going through a world class training experience and that too while getting paid.

By Abhineet Mittal

Abhineet is IIM Alumnus and Founder of popular Digital Publishing Platform, Sahityapedia. He is a technology enthusiast by hobby & an avid reader.

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Greetings! Sir, such articles are really appreciable and are a great source of knowledge for a fresher like me. My DOJ at Infosys is 13th July and I am in a confusion as I was also selected by TechMahindra through campus recruitment last year. But, I am yet to receive a letter from them regarding my DOJ. Confusion is whether I should board the flight to Mysore or should I wait for TechM’s letter (main subject of confusion here being career growth and opportunities in coming years of my life). This can only be cleared by an experienced senior like you. Also, my little concern is about the location of job. I have heard that in TechM, there’s a scope to get your preferred location , but at Infosys, it’s all luck. Waiting for you to throw some light.

Thanks for reading this blog. I am a little late to answer you. In the initial years of your career, do not worry about location a lot.
After 2-3 years, you can easily move to your preferred location either by asking for relocation or switching to some other company.

I had my interview on 26th September, 2014 and I am from an electrical background. I am still awaiting my offer letter. Whereas, students from other department (CS) have received theirs. Is it something to worry about?

Sir, Infosys sent me email with the DoJ on 25th May 2015 and I had an important ceremony to attend on 29th May( Friday ). Will I able to move out of the campus for the next two holidays. I wanted to know if we are free on the first week.

I just want to ask that working for infosys is a good option or not, i mean people keep saying that joining infosys is not a good option because of the steady growth and that you never will get to work on the things that a good IT professional suppose to do and your career growth would be very slow.

Sir,your article was very nice. I wanted to ask after how much time can we expect the joining letter, as we still have 7 months of college left we were selected on 24th October 2013. Our seniors who were selected in
September 2011 had their doj in May 2013.Do they usually take this much time ?

sir u said that friends were allotted different classrooms…how were they alloted..i mean what pattern did infosys roll nos or by names or randomly??

It is a beautiful post sir.
My doj is on 22th July and want to ask you about a problem . I downloaded the e-joining personal data form and I surprisingly found my gender marked as female . My name in the candidate Profile page is addressed as ‘Mr’. Please suggest what should I do.

hi..i got ma DOJ as april 15 2013…..role is operation executive…job level 2….could you give me some details about the nature of this job????

great work sir.. bt i would like ask one thing i f u cn help with…
i am sitting idle at home ryt nw… n my DOJ is in june 2013.. is there anything i can study before so as to make my training little easier, any languages or technical knowledge ??


as your wish but no need of study and all even it wont help in the infy training simply enjoy ur time with all ur frds and relatives ,ur technical knowledge ll be improved in infy training itself so enjoy the days, hava a great time:)


Thanks Sunil for replying. I hope Sakshi got a good picture of what preparation she needs to do before training..
Sakshi, a small suggestion, try to practice all your hobbies in this time because believe me, you are not gonna get this time again.. All The Best..

sorry bro its not there..but i got yesterday my accommodation and medical details mail….in that it was mentioned that e-joining is mandatory before joining so thinking to wait till 10th..if i dont receive any then thinking to do it with that link which friend sent…wt to do u suggest abhineet??

hi DOJ is 15th october 2012…few of my friends got e-joining mail but i still did not get…i have treid logging in using that link and i got logged in…do u think i should fill up the details for e-joining or wait for my mail???

Hi Daya,
See if you have missed the mail or it has gone to spams folder.
If not, you should get the mail soon as your account is activated for e-joining.

Hi Abhi, first of all thanks to you for writting such an awsome blog, keep writting. I want to know that does infosys sends its employee to abroad just after completion of training.If yes, then what are the chances and mandatory(do i need to learn a foreign language?) for this..??

dude i read all your posts…but in the training u have written very brief i cudnt undrstnd what u meant by generic many xams they take etc..and can you go to the city evryday..and what are the best hang out spots in the city…

Actually, you need to read the comments on all the posts where I have replied to many questions.

Regarding structure of training, it keeps changing frequently. So, the way it happened for me, may not be the same for you.

Hangout places is a good idea. I will try to include them in my future posts.

nice blog dude..i hav got my doj on 10th dec.what i wanted to ask is
1)can we get outof the camps and into the city anytime???
2)is there any restrictions…
3)how are the rooms allocated..
4)heard the training is very how hard is it???
thnx in advnce

Hi Atri,
It would be very nice of you and all the others who are trying to seek answers about Infy training, that you read all my replies before asking anything. You will find most of the questions already answered.
I do not want to stop responding on this thread, but if redundant questions will keep popping up, I may need to stop answering them at all.
You can check all my posts about Infosys in Life at Infosys Category and can read question-answers in comments of each post.

Hi Abhi.. Wel thank u 4 dat gr8 piece of info.. I hav few questns regardng d first day.. I got my DOJ as 17dec2012, m i suppose to be on 17th or a day before it? Do we require any1 lyk parents to accmpany us on DOJ for any paper formalties?can u write few lines on the paperwork & formalties u did on DOJ? Wat abt dress code for boys? Satrdy a holiday? Thanx in advance.. :):)

Very interesting !! 🙂
well i want you to solve my query,i got placed in the month of december 2011,got my letter of intent a month back so when can i expect my appointment letter?
I heard infy is goin on loss and they are delaying the date of joining,is it true?
kindly reply!! 🙂

It is like i am telling my experience…..
Feeling same being in infosys mysore….

enjoyed reading your post, it was as if am in the campus 🙂

keep writing 🙂

Hello bro!!!!

can you please tell me how many months did u take to get your offer letter and call letter as I was placed in infosys on 13Sept,2011 during campus drive.So,when should I expect to get it for me????Please reply soon if possible on my email …….

Hi Vashisht,
Sorry for the delay in replying.
I got my offer letter exactly 3 months after getting selected in campus recruitment drive.
I am not sure if there is any particular identifiable pattern in the way they send offer letters.

Bhai …!! You haven’t mentioned about Fashion Show….!! Remember 2 Prize and the PPT…!!

Yes, I remember that bro.. that was awesome… but fashion show was after 3 weeks and this post is about our first week.. will update the next parts soon..

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